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Lots and lots of changes to LuxCore and LuxBlend since the last update. Quick summary:

* Shadowcatcher material:
* OpenCL accelerated imagepipeline plugins (blur, CA, bloom etc)
* Composable image pipelines (Luxcore)
* Background Alpha option for scene in Luxcore
* Variance clamping option to reduce fireflies
* Numerous improved realtime support options in the core
* Complete external UI for the LuxCore side with editors for all properties
* LuxBlend node support for LuxCore progress - it's come a long way towards being complete now
* Highly experimental Cycles node graph translation support in Luxblend
* Multiple viewport rendering support in LuxBlend (including pause support)
* LuxBlend: Increased export speed via mesh caching on core side
* Support for object local space texture/uv mapping (Luxcore/Luxblend)
* Orthographic camera support in Luxcore/Luxblend
* Guaranteed lots of new features I probably missed :)
* And of course, tons of bug fixes and other improvements

1.6 not too far off I think

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Check out zsolnai's cool video that gives you a great summary of the largest new features in Luxrender 1.5

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Check out B.Y.O.B's awesome Luxrender 1.5 - visual overview "what's new since 1.4" page!

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First major Luxrender 1.6 (LuxCore) feature outed; Variance clamping! See the juicy details in Dade's post.

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The defacto industry standard OpenCL benchmarking tool Luxmark 3.1 has been released. See the announcement from Dade for the details. Note that scores from 3.0 cannot be compared to scores from 3.1. #opencl #benchmark

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Luxrender 1.5 final has been released! See the announcement from Jeanphi of what has changed from the 1.5 RC1 release.

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"We need more guns!"

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Ultra low-budget remake of Alien 3 #SciFiSunday

via boingboing

Scarier than the original, because it recalls memories of accidentally stapling your finger.
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