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My Twitter account has been summarily suspended. I have no idea why, and got no email to explain. There seems to be an appeals process I need to go through - no clue how long that will take.

It's aggravating to rely on a service (professionally), and then to have this happen with no real recourse.
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I just can't help it. I'm a Belieber.
Hi Lee - yep I filled that in. A week!? I'm a Twitter addict - I can't go week!

Did they give you a reason?
+Tom Anthony me too.. it was a nightmare and really p1553d me off!

Nope, didn't get a reason... it just magically worked again...

I wouldn't mind but I've 34k followers there so it was a little embarrassing to say the least...

Has it just happened to you? Is there another 'Tom Anthony' that has been causing problems and they've mistakenly slapped you?
I really have no idea why - I got no email or other notification. The app stopped working, I logged in and I'm suspended! Totally aggravating. Great way to push me over to Google+ though...
+Tom Anthony that was why I came over to G+ actually and haven't been as active since on Twitter -

Twitter did me a favour ;)
I hope they're reading this.... :)

Thanks for the info - much obliged.
ha ha ha - walls have ears as they say ;)

Pleasure with the info :) have a great weekend
yeah, that's weird. hey i downloaded authorcrawler, but does it work on a mac, because i just see all the files, but don't know how i'm supposed to run it. thx.
+Tom Anthony about your Author Crawler tool, could you tell us a little bit more about how you calculate Page Authority? Does it has something to do with regular activity on the page? number of +1s, shares, comments?.. Or is it just a mixture of number or circles, followers and domain authority? thanx!
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