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Independent Film Composer

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The World Without A Gun - Joseph Arthur

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Think of how you never knew what you would hear, in the days of AOR - Album Oriented Rock. Nice read.

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A great mixture of art, film, dance, music & sound design.

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And he says here, in the comments, that he's not ready to shoot a narrative short or feature. This is amazing.

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Please read.
When Winter Comes

I worry for the homeless!

They say at present there is some 185,000 people affected in England alone:

Read that figure again, 185,000 and try to put it into perspective. The borough of Halton that I currently live in has a population of some 126,000, this consists of two towns either side of a river (Widnes and Runcorn) You are looking at the whole population plus another 39,000 people. Thats just England, it does not take into account Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

I know from talking with Peter he has suffered when the winters get really bad, no matter how many layers he puts on he can't get warm. If the nights get damp he has woken the following day covered in frost. Add to this a poor and erratic diet then he really does suffer. 

We have been fortunate in that the weather has been good of late but something tells me that this winter will not be so good. No matter how crap things are for me right now I know I will be warm, fed and have a bed for the night.
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