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Seriosly Apple? "The New iPad"?? That's really the best name you could come up with? That aside, I still would rather a Tegra 3 tablet...
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The high res screen looks interesting. The power the new screen and potentially LTE, they stuck battery in there that is almost 2x the power of the iPad2. The tradeoff appears to be the added weight and thickness. It's now heavier and thicker than all the other competitors.

I'm sure it'll be a great device. Will be interesting to see if the tradeoffs they chose were the right ones.
They claim the same battery life as the 2, so that may account for the added weight (bigger batt).

I think the res looks great, but I'm more worried about gaming. Pushing that many pixels with a lot of effects on the screen will drag that GPU down. With all the talk about gaming they were doing, I guess they're more focused on the "Cut the Ropes" of the world and not the 3d gaming?
The GPU is supposed to be quad core, so we'll see what kind of FPS it can push.
The live blogging I was watching claimed stutters during the demo of a 3D game. Tegra 3 has 12 GPU cores.
Taking a look at one today. We shall see.
meh. really nice screen. still don't like ios overall (although the keyboard and responsiveness of the UI is still great).
How did AK put it? "Man I can do nothing really fast on this"
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