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I hope you enjoy! We enjoy to make this :D

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Here! We just recently played this song "Can I Be Born Again?" at Willis Sound to celebrate October Babies 10th anniversary!

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We played this song "Flow" with Genki Endo from Yamakiya Taiko - Fukushima Japan, at the 37th Blissfest, Michigan USA!!

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This is a teaser! While we were capturing bass n drums last night, documented the process! We are making 10th year anniversary album!

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These are excerpts of a diary from 2013 and 2015 written by a person who was born and lived in Fukushima. Most media won’t share this sort of personal story with people overseas, or even inside Japan. We hope to share this with many people, and help you know a little more about Fukushima than the media will tell you.
Fukushima is big - there is a wide range of levels of contamination (some districts were mostly uncontaminated, and, due to Half-life and decontamination works, the level of contamination has actually been decreasing) inside and outside of Fukushima.
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is located coastal area of the prefecture and it is one part of Fukushima. There are many other things in the prefecture.
This clip was not made as governmental propaganda. We just simply want you to hear a quiet voice from Fukushima.
福島から遠く離れた場所にいらっしゃる皆様には、この日記に書かれたその言葉の向こう側にある景色を一緒に“眺めて”いただけたらという想いでおります。 椎木透子

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Fukushima - 6 years after the disaster (Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear power plant accidents). Introducing some voices of the Residents of Fukushima, with footage shot by drone camera from around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (Ōkuma & Namie), and photos from a personal photo album (before and after the disaster).
This clip was not made as governmental propaganda. We just simply wanted to share a part of “Fukushima Now” with you. – Toko Shiiki
東日本大震災から6年目を迎える福島。 ドローンカメラを使い撮影した大熊町、浪江町近郊の映像と、 元浪江町住民の方の写真と手記を含めて、 福島第一原発の近郊の現在の一部をお届けする映像です。
報道などを通しては、 福島県外にはなかなか聞こえてこない想いも届けたいと、 このような映像にしました。 – 椎木透子

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Oh my goodness!! Great movie review of Threshold: Whispers of Fukushima! So thankful!! We're planning to show this film next year 2017 again!! 嬉しい映画のレビュー記事が届きました!スレッショルド:福島のつぶやき、来年(2017年)もアメリカでも日本でも上映します!

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Made this clip of the song Kiseki-no Hoshi by Yoshimitsu Takuki san which has been used in the movie "Threshold: Whispers of Fukushima". Also I added the lyrics of the song to the clip! Such an important song to me! Video production: Toko Shiiki
Song / "Kiseki-no Hoshi" written and performed by Yoshimitsu Takuki

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Live Recording at the Ark Ann Arbor January 14 2016
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