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Popout the Todoist plugin into a separate window.

If you're using one of our browser plugins:
- Todoist for Chrome:
- Todoist for Firefox:
you can now pop it out into a separate window using the icon in the bottom-right corner (next to the Logout link). This will allow you to use it even without maximizing the browser window.
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Very cool!  I love all of the development on Todoist. I left Todoist  for Remember the Milk (RTM) a few years ago when development on todoist slowed down, but I am thinking about coming back.  I am just waiting for a killer android app, bulk import tasks function, and smart lists (similar to RTM).
+Dylan Eiler Our doors are always open for you :) We're currently working on many great features full-time incl. an Android app. You're more than welcome to help us test the incoming app by signing up for the beta: We would appreciate your help.
As far as smart lists go, I was thinking that Todoist's advanced search queries might accomplish what I need. Is there any way to save individual queries for quick and easy access to it again in the future? For example, I would like to be able to click and see all of my overdue tasks that are not tagged "work".
+Dylan Eiler It's not possible to save multiple queries right now, but you can set up a custom query as your Todoist start page. To do so, go to Preferences -> Start page, choose "Custom query" and type the query you'd like to use as the default view.
Thank you for this information.  I personally think it would be exceptionally productive to be able to save and access multiple queries.  That would allow for each user to view their list in a way that is most productive their situation.

Thank you again for the continued development of Todoist. I still think Todoist has the potential to be the best task manager available.
+Todoist I signed up for the Android App beta, but never received any response.  I would love to try it out.
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