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Official native Todoist Mobile Android App is almost finished!

The greatly anticipated native Android app will be released very soon and will feature:
- offline support,
- most features from Todoist web version,
- automatic sync (3 times each day),
- great (native) performance.

In just a couple of weeks, we will launch a beta version and would like to invite you to test it on your Android phones, but for now, please take a look at the first screenshots and let us know what you think. We appreciate any feedback.

Also, a beta version of a native iOS app will be published as well.
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I took a quick look at each image. It looks good to me. When I have time, I'll take a deeper look and see if I can think of any improvements.
It looks good; a lot like the mobile web access. The screen shots beg the question... are notes addressed in this iteration?
The second screenshot suggest I will be able to reorder items? That would be awesome. Do you have screenshots from ICS device? The way the application looks now is not very native. For example the top line with logo and two buttons probably should be action bar and the links from the bottom moved to the action bar as well. The text input fields and comboboxes look like they are custom drawn as well.
Looks great, looking forward to taking it for a spin!

Are there any plans to provide Google calendar integration? Or integration with the native Android calendar?
I just stopped using todoist after 3 yrs because of no native app! Looks like I'll be subscribing again. Hope support for the app is strong and responsive to feedback! Great job guys
Thanks for the invitation to offer input! That's a great sign of your want to please your customers. Here are a few of my observations based on the screenshots:

Home Screen: Why is the Project list so vertically condensed? Plus, it would be great if it wasn't so boxy with so many lines. Perhaps an approach similar to the list as it appears on your web site would be a guide.

Managing Projects (screen 3). Again, my preference: too many lines. Especially with the reorder icon present. Would love to see a traditional Apple-like 3-line reorder icon without all the horizontal rules. See
Also, as I look at the Delete button, please consider making button appearance standard across all platforms.

Adding a new task: Will the task text box allow for current label and priority shortcuts (eg. @ and !)? And it still would please me to no end to provide shortcuts for Project (e.g. ^MyProject) and due date (e.g. &Monday) assignments. For example: Call John @Calls^BusinessProject !p1 &tom

Date picker: This is my opinion, but I despise that kind of picker. I need to see dates in the context of a month -- context is king. To me, a real date picker allows you to pick from a month calendar (similar to your web date picker). If you must use this kind of picker please at least show day of week.

Single project view, today's task view: I like the vertical spacing, don't like the rules.

Consider a user-set Resync interval (in hours should be fine) as opposed to an arbitrarily set schedule based on your expectations of what is important to me. Of course, in software development, I'm opposed to any arbitrarily set limitation (for example, your 20-char limit on labels).

Other observations

If you must use table grid and rules, at least round the corners. You should want to make this app as visually appealing as possible.

Also, think seriously about getting a professional designer to design each screen, in particular with regards to color scheme.

Finally, I encourage you to work towards keeping the interface the same on all platforms. Consider using the web site as your style guide. In particular, I think it would be great to make sure that you are seen as focusing on a continuity of user experience regardless of platform in use. In other words, make web site, iPad app, iPhone app, Android app all share the same professionally-designed UI.

Just my $0.02.

Thanks a lot for the feedback. It's greatly appreciated and we sure you will be able to provide more feedback once the application gets into beta stage.

The look of the mobile app will change, but not for the first release. On the first release we are focusing on functionality, performance and core features. Here is a mock-up of what our designers are working on
+Carlos Sanchis excellent idea. We could provide early feedback, much like how Spotify are handling there latest app version which is in beta. I would be happy to download the app directly from the todoist website whilst it's in beta.
Looks great! As functional as visual.
I'm waiting it with impatience because Chrome beta for ICS doesn't support Flash, so mobile vesion of does not work.
+Dima Korostin Our mobile version does not require Flash. It only requires HTML5. If it's possible, please try to use a different browser or make sure your browser accepts cookies.
+soft celluloid Unfortunately, you can't read the content from Google's Tasks and transfer it into Todoist :(
Will you be publishing the app in Amazon's Appstore as well as Google's? I'd love to have this on my Kindle Fire.
+Jeff Beal We will launch tablet versions as well in the future, but after the initial launch and not during the beta.
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