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Reorder, move or postpone your tasks with the new Drag & Drop feature!

We always appreciate your feedback as it helps us make Todoist even better. Today, we've implemented one of the most anticipated features - Drag & Drop.

Aside from changing the order of your tasks or project anytime and moving easily tasks to other projects, it will also allow you to change your tasks' due dates or postpone them. Watch the attached video and see how great it works.
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Wonderful!  Doesn't seem to work with all query types though ... such as "all," which is my default.  :/
Yay! I will check it out, I saw the marker lines but didn't catch the subtle difference...
This is awesome; I reorder tasks fairly often and the new way is much better. OTOH, it does not seem to work very well inside Thunderbird plugin -- the issues are moved approximate 3x faster than the mouse :-O
+Vladimir Prus Try to login and logout to clear the cache, let us know if this fixes the problem!
Thank you everyone for your feedback, we're happy you like this new feature :)

+Mark Hufstetler Indeed, thank you for pointing it out, we will take a look at it and will try to fix it soon.

+Vladimir Prus The "Reload"/"Logout" menu is only visible when you right-click within an empty space. Please try to right-click on a task to see the proper task context menu.
Actually, "Reload" is what I explicitly want somewhere. I have repeatedly observed that I've added task from mobile, or web, and it's not there in thunderbird, so manual reload is necessary, and the popup menu on task does not have "relaod" command. Of course, ideally, thunderbird plugin will be in constant communication with the server and show new tasks as they are added from other sources, but "reload" in context menu is fine -- the only issue is that it's rendered in a strange way.
+Vladimir Prus The "reload" command can also be accessed by right-clicking on the top bar next to "Show projects" so you won't need to always scroll down to find a blank space.

We're not sure why it's rendering this way - do you have any custom font settings in Firefox (this plugin shares settings with FF)? What operating system are you using?

Just to clarify - the reload function itself does work correctly even though it has this bold font?
Yeah, the reload command works fine, it only looks wrong -- and it because to look OK when I hover mouse on it.

I don't think I have any custom FF settings. This is almost brand new Ubuntu 12.04 install. Could it be that non-hovered-on menu specifies some different font, which is missing in Ubuntu default install? They are clearly trying to force their custom font on all applications, but maybe that breaks down.
Just one more comment -- it appears that while I can reorder items and drag them to a different project, I cannot change indent level. So that, if I drag an item to the right, it becomes a child of previous item. Such a functionality is available in another tool I am using - Structure plugin for Jira - and is very convenient. (Admittedly, Structure is not a todo manager, but it is very close to todoist in overall feel, so I suppose my point is valid).
+Vladimir Prus It is possible to change the indent level using drag & drop. To do so, please grab a task and while holding it, use the number keys 1, 2, 3 or 4 to set the indent level of the task you're holding.
Thanks, that works. It seems somewhat impossible to discover, and it seems like using drag'n'drop would be more intuitive, but now that I know this trick I suppose I can live with it. Thanks for quick response!
Just really enjoying the rearrange option in the today view, it's really awesome, and it means that I can stay within todoist in organising my tasks for the day, I don't have to arrange them anywhere else. It's really a great feature!
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