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Todoist is now the first fully HTML5 compatible cloud-based task manager!

Today, we've taken a giant leap by introducing the HTML5 version of Todoist. It is now the first cloud-based todo list that enables:
- managing your tasks offline - access your tasks while not being connected to the internet,
- stunning performance with offline caching for the best user experience,
- accessibility on any device - whether on mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer - your todo list is always with you.

Go to and enjoy the fastest and most accessible task manager right now!
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This is great. For what it's worth though, I can't get a list to scroll on the mobile version, Android Chrome browser, Nexus 7. Requesting the desktop version works OK. I'd post a bug but I'm on vacation...
+Edd Dumbill how does the screen size look like on the Nexus 7? Does it give you a tablet view? 
+Edd Dumbill +Arvid Bux We are working very hard on making a great native Android app using the latest Android 4 design specs. It looks very beautiful so we can't wait to show it off!
Thanks +Todoist I was more referring to the mobile website whether it would use the additional real estate.
+Arvid Bux no, just a scaled up phone view. I used the desktop version instead in the end. Can't wait for the Android 4 app!
The performance is remarkable. Are you going to provide any details on the technical solution?
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