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For the next 72 hours only, we’re offering Todoist Premium at 50% off!

We get pretty excited about New Year’s at Todoist. It’s the perfect time to get on top of everything you need to do — and WANT to do — in the year ahead. Whether you’ve resolved to get to the gym three days a week, remember everybody’s birthday, or become more productive at your work, Todoist Premium can help you achieve it.

We do offer a good free version, but you can get more done with Todoist Premium using following features:

• Reminders: Get reminded about important tasks via emails or mobile text messages - works anywhere in the world
• Notes: Add additional information to your tasks with task notes
• Improved labels: Get more organized with label auto-completion and label color-coding
• Improved SSL security: All your communication will be encrypted with SSL, the same security used by online banks
• And much more!

Upgrade now at

and you’ll get a powerful and complete task management solution for ** $14/year ** or around $1/month!


Already a premium user? If you signed up in the past six months, you’ll automatically receive an extra six months of premium for FREE (worth $14). If you signed up later than that, you can still buy this promotion we'll extend your premium plan with 1 year.
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Can I get the discount if I've already subscribed to it?
Yes, you can. If you've subscribed within the last 6 months, you've already received a free 6 month Premium Membership extension, but you can still purchase a +1 year of Todoist Premium.

This also applies if you've subscribed earlier than 6 months ago. However, if you have an old monthly subscription, please cancel it before you subscribe for the current promotion.
Thanks for the answer! Actually, I've subscribed to a monthly since December 2010. Does it still apply? Thanks
Yes, it will apply. Please cancel your active monthly subscription directly through PayPal and then you can subscribe for the current promotional offer.
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