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We have updated our logo along with other minor updates. These are first steps towards a better design and identity. We hope you like it!
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I like the new logo look&feel, but it is to big in my humble opinion.
Loving it. Thanks for the great service guys. I work remotely and totally rely on Todoist.
I like it a lot! Todoist keeps getting better and better :-)
+Brenan Klain No connections. Our logo is done by a talented designer from Portugal.
sorry, but the new logo is worse than the old one. I don't understand any of the gradients in the new one, not to mention the awkwardly executed ligature.
I really need search within the project functionality! Thanks!
-1 to the new design. For the same reasons that +Lukas Bezler mentioned... New logo is not worth the great project behind it.
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