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Don't delete any data - archive your projects!

It's now possible to archive projects in Todoist. It's fast and easy and allows you to keep a full history of what you've done even if you finish a particular project.

To do so, simply right-click on a project and choose "Archive". You will see a "Show archived projects" link at the bottom. From there, you can access, delete or unarchive your projects. Again, right-click on any of your archived projects and choose "Unarchive" to bring it back.

As always, we'd appreciate any feedback or suggestions about this feature.
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This is awesome!  I'm really happy to see this feature added.  Thank you!
Liking the new features. One additional request would be able to copy project tasks from one project to another as I have a lot of projects with the same project steps (or the ability to create templates).

Keep up the excellent work.
Archive it's great.
I just do not understand a little difference between archive and completed tasks? 
And yet, !! would very much !! like to be able to see !! when a task was created, and when it was Archives OR / and complete a task !!.
Would love to be able to archive sub-projects!!
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