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The Todoist Mobile apps will be launched in the next 2 weeks!

In the last 6 months we've worked hard to create the absolutely best possible mobile apps we could make. We're very sorry for the delay, we simply did not want to ship something that was unpolished.

You can add your email to and you'll receive a notification upon release.
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Brilliant! I'm added. Looking good!
I respect your decision to hold off until all bugs are worked out. It is admirable and should be commended. You don't want peeps to be disappointed with the end product for sure. At the same time, I would caution against continuing to promise on certain timeframes and then failing to deliver. You are better off saying 2013 if that's truly when it will be released than saying "in the next two weeks" 6 times. Folks like myself are eager to unleash a new action plan in their lives and believe your product to be the best out there. Even if it is the best, however, life must go on. It's a lot to ask of someone to get their hopes up and then have to wait repeatedly. At a certain point some people will give up and choose another product because they feel you have broken their trust. Always under promise and over deliver. Just saying.
+Todd Donatello we are very sorry to disappoint you. We never imagined it would be so hard to create great mobile apps (it's our first native app with both iOS and Android) and it's usually the last details that take the longest time :-( We truly believe that the delay has be worth it, since we don't want to launch something that's not finished or not polished. We really hope you will give the apps a spin when they get released and we hope we deliver.
Hey +Todoist , do let me know if you need an Android alpha or beta tester. I even work for a software development company and I've done professional IT testing. Cheers!
+Niklas Pivic Thank you very much for your interest, we appreciate it. Right now, we've already passed the beta stage and the apps are getting the final polish before launch, but if we decide to port them to other platforms, we will certainly keep your offer in mind :)
This is awesome, guys! Look forward to trying it out on Android!
Great, has been waiting for the official version of the Android application for so long time ...
Yeah, the unofficial Android app named Budoist has started to fail me, saying that a lot of things I enter contain bad date strings, which is untrue, so the sooner I can get my paws on a native, official Android app, the better!
+Amitab Mukerjee Even though this has nothing to do with what you're saying apart from the feel of your comment, its contents are so wonderfully contrasted by your avatar.
+Amitab Mukerjee We understand your frustration. We've never intended to provide any false information. Each time we've made such statement we were sure we'll be able to release the app within this timeframe and then something came up, something could be improved and we've decided to postpone the release rather than ship a product that had issues we were aware of.

We're very sorry for this inconvenience and can only assure you that you will not be disappointed with the quality of the app.
+Amitab Mukerjee No, you didn't come off as mean in the least! I work at a software development company, and when there are promises made we'd better keep them or unleash the wrath of our users. I fully get your point.
We sincerely apologize for all these delays and not keeping our deadlines and greatly appreciate your patience and anticipation.

+Julie Wills We can and will release updates in the future, but we've discovered some issues that could be critical in some cases and could greatly diminish the user experience if not fixed immediately. Again, we're very sorry for any delays and can only hope that you won't lose your interest in our service and will enjoy using these apps.
todoist has been the best service out of all i have tried and i tried many before finding todoist. they are always adding features their users request. i would rather have an app that works correctly than to have to deal with frustrating bugs. there are other apps that work with todoist you can use until the official app is released. happy premium user here.
+Todoist Was wondering the same thing. Deadline is approaching...
Any news about the launch in the next days?
Yes! Eagerly waiting as well! When will it be released?
Exactly 14 days passed since the announcement, a pity, that todoist is not communicating today. I understand that delays can happen, even for the 3rd time. But communication is so important and and satisfying if done right.
Yes, as i said. Thats exactly what communication is, done right. 
Yes, our apps are submitted and at this point we can only wait for an approval. Again, we're very sorry for the delays and any inconvenience caused by them.
Julie - I agree with you. I think they SHOULD release the Android version to put even more pressure on Apple and their stupid review process. I say stupid because there have been several pieces written about how the very thing these "reviews" are designed to prevent end up making it into the marketplace anyway ... and how some devs have tweaked a couple things like the name of their app (but yet the same unsavory content remained the same) and they were able to slide it through the proverbial Apple 5-hole. In my own experience, I've discovered that even "reviewed" apps are buggy as hell and continually crash. And it's not like I am hearing a bevy of complaints from Android device owners that stuff is getting on their phones that they don't know about ... or if it's junk, they'll just delete and have no problem finding an adequate replacement app.

Which leads me to conclude that Apple's review process is foolish and meaningless, and serves only to frustrate iPhone users like myself. Apple is already losing market share to Android-powered devices, why don't we give people one more reason to change. At this rate, not released 10 days after submission, I'm so irritated at Apple that I am considering Android for my next device on principle. +Todoist, as an iPhone owner I think you should go ahead and release the Android version.
Apple doesn't care if they publish the app on android already. Why should that influence them? Apple is trying to get apps approved ASAP, they just don't provide the capacity to approve the apps within less days. 
Michel, my point was that it's yet another reason (among many) that Android is currently winning the war against Apple.  The biggest of which, in my opinion, is that they are no longer knocking anyone's socks off with features.  Innovate or die.  Everyone has their opinion, but I'm not alone on this.  A lot of people have signaled Apple's post-Jobs decline.  So in my view, they don't have as much margin for error of pissing people off - including developers or end users.  More end users are demanding apps for Android, and if Apple's bureaucracy doesn't add any perceived value then if I were developing an app, I would be more inclined to devote my limited resources to the Android platform.  That's not to say that devs would neglect Apple, of course, it's just saying that if they have to jump through so many hoops and are eager to get more innovative features out to end users, why not do it on Android if they are already developing there anyway?  No, I am not naively proclaiming that Apple is going to go away anytime soon, but they are losing market share ... and I think the underlying reason is - you're right - they don't care.  About a lot of stuff.  So whether it's not caring about pushing out app updates at a faster pace, not caring about putting out a Maps app that blows, not caring that Siri never really lived up to its billing, not caring that they can pretty much hype the crap out of their latest iPhone and suck people in at ridiculously high prices despite the fact that each time now it fails to produce anything innovative that hadn't already been done on the Android platform, not caring about weak battery life, not caring about its awkwardly longer not wider screen display, not caring about putting out junk like the iPad Mini (really??), etc., it all adds up to incremental loss of market share.  And thus, as people continue to defect (and everyone will have his or her own individual reason), maybe it's a signal that people are beginning to see Apple for the marketing machine it has become and not the innovator it was under Jobs when it delivered awesome, cutting edge products into the hands of consumers - practically before anyone else even thought about the idea.  To me, the App Store update issue is just a microcosm of the bigger picture.  They'd better wake up and start caring about something - soon.
Just wanted to chime in and say I've been eagerly awaiting the android app for some time; I'm a paying user who was definitely glad for the promise of an upcoming android app.  Def wouldn't hate it if we just got an apk to sideload...
its been 3 days since you announced that it was submitted, couldn't you just put an apk on your website until its approved?
Todoist for iPhone, it is availible in The Netherlands
I too downloaded the iPhone app (USA), and here are my initial impressions:

The Good:  pleasant UI, labels (YES!), easy long press drag-and-drop reordering within a project and within a day in your Today or 7 Day views.  Overall, nice job.  Personally I would say it's a double or a triple, but for me - not a home run.

IMHO, the improvements needed in order to better mimic the functionality of the Web version on a mobile device to make this a home run:

1.  Just like the first version, there is some weird, seemingly random indenting going on in the Today and 7 Day views.  Please fix this.

2.  Sooooo disappointed in the app's inability to expand and collapse subtasks.  C'mon guys, third-party app Allegheny has had this in place for awhile.  Is it THAT hard to do this?  BIG difference in scrolling when you have a lot of subtasks, or you have a task like "Go grocery shopping" with ton of items nested within.  So because you guys either (a) couldn't figure out how to collapse subtasks, or (b) just got lazy and decided for the rest of us which of your Web app functions weren't worth it to include, I now have to scroll through my entire shopping list in order to get to the next task OR I have to completely change my workflow.  Neither are very appealing options.  Again, this functionality exists.  I wouldn't be so harsh sounding if it didn't.  But if you are going to do a full rewrite of the app and make people wait for its release, I would think that you would have looked at your "competition," so to speak, to see what they were doing so you could replicate it before releasing in final.

3.  My only option is 24:00 time?  Really?

4.  Speaking of options, they are pretty much nonexistent.  I tapped the gear icon which presumably represents settings, and was presented with "About Todoist" and "Log Out".  How about at least 12:00 vs. 24:00 time, and perhaps a GMail-like "cozy", "comfortable", or "compact" layout option?  I think this would be really useful, as different people will want to see a different level of detail on their mobile device.  I, for one, would rather see more tasks stacked up so I don't have to do as much scrolling.  Someone else, however, may find that overwhelming and only want to see a few tasks at a time.  Different strokes for different folks.  It does seem like you could play around with the "real estate" of what can be displayed on the phone's screen.  To me, there is a lot of space.  I'd like to see more compact line items with color-highlighted project on the right side of the screen rather than underneath the task description (just like the Web app).  Just personal preference.

5.  I knew about this one, because I had inquired about it in the Todoist support forum about a month or so ago, so it's not surprising to me that it's not presently available.  That said, there are other apps which allow one to drag and drop tasks from one date to another, just like your Web app allows.  Appigo's ToDo and Any.DO come quickly to mind.  It would be nice to see this, however I also see that you've incorporated a very nice quick menu drop-down when tapping on a task which allows me to postpone.  So this one isn't necessarily a dealbreaker for me personally, just more like a "nice to have."

Again, overall a nice job.  Hope you don't mind my "review" of this app.  The comments are intended to provide helpful feedback.  I think you guys have the absolute best Web app out there, bar none.  I want to see you get to a place where your mobile and tablet devices are on par with that as well!!
More areas for improvement:

- Push notifications: upon installation the app asks me if I want to allow push notifications, I say yes, and nothing has happened so far. I even tried creating a couple of sample tasks with due times a few minutes after I set them up hoping to see push notifications (I checked Settings, I had set to Banners) no dice. So this is a major flaw too, as it appears that push notifications are NOT working. Note that I am a premium subscriber and have the option of setting reminders on the Web app. Still, no worky.

- another cool feature in Allegheny that is not duplicated in your app is gesture-based indentation. Would be SWEET if you guys could do this in the official app. Too many taps right now when I know from using Allegheny that I could just swipe right or left to do the indent / outdent. Much, much more user-friendly.
And finally:

- ability to expand / collapse projects with sub-projects too

- support for landscape view
+Amitab Mukerjee we did not launch officially yet, but we are aiming to publish the app to the Play Store in the next couple of hours ;-)

For all the others, thanks a lot for the feedback, we appreciate it and we will work on making the app even better in the near future!
+Vivian Lee You can sync your tasks on a free account manually as  often as you like. Automatic syncing is indeed limited. There are costs that come with it and we unfortunately can't offer it for free.

+Amitab Mukerjee We're sorry to hear that you're disappointed. We will of course improve our app in the future, the biggest milestone of having a good base application is set, improvements will follow as always.
+Joe Williams Thank you for pointing out the recurring overdue task completion issue, we will fix it soon. Push notifications should now be available, you can receive them for tasks with specific due dates and times as well as tasks with <remind tomorrow at 2pm> (for example) within their name.
+Andi Northrop We will consider changing the syncing behavior. Sorry for the inconvenience.
+Todoist +Andi Northrop Hey Todoist, you previously wrote that manual sync could be performed any number of times without limitations, correct?
+Niklas Pivic We're sorry for the misinformation. Right now, manual sync is indeed also limited, but again - this should be changed soon.
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