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New +Todoist User Stories Blog to Showcase our Awesome Community

If there’s one thing that we love here at +Todoist, it’s learning about how our software and apps improve the lives of our wonderful community. +Todoist users are so awesome that we've create a whole new blog 100% devoted to their achievements! 
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+Todoist wasn't affected by an Internet-wide security vulnerability called The Heartbleed Bug:, thanks to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. But as a general precaution, for the sake of extra-safety, we suggest you change your password.

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+Todoist's UI/UX designer: How to beat the "paradox of choice" in UI design

Miguel Jesus: "We strongly advocate simplicity in user interfaces, so our new visual scheduler couldn’t be complicated. Here, we started by using one of of Sheena Iyengar’s  principles from “The art of choosing”: cut." 
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I was really excited to read the backgrounds of the new design, especially about the way to choose a date. Because this is the only worse thing for me in the new version "Todoist Next"!

For me it was not simplified, it's more complicated then ever before! One of the things I do very often is to set a new date and time for a reminder. Now I have to do 10 (ten!) taps/steps for setting a new reminder time (excuse if the terms are wrong, but my interface is in German):

1) tap "add reminder"
2) tap on the date after "when"
3) tap on "at a date" on the dropdown list
4) tap on the calendar icon
5) tap on "pick a date"
6) choose a date
7) tap on"pick a time"
8) choose a time
9) tap on OK
10) tap on OK

That's too much! It could be very much easier, if 
1) there is an button "pick date" close beside the date in "when"
2) on the next screen where I can enter a date or phrase (like "today at 20:00") I have also buttons for the direct choices today, tomorrow, next week, next month or calendar for picking date and time
3) on date picker screen the time is available on the same screen below the day picker on the left side
4) the OK button on the day picker screen directly adds the date and a button to abort

The App is really great and I love it, but that part is horror for me!
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+Lifehacker: Add Location Based Notifications to +Todoist for Android

Did you always want to use location-based notifications with your +Todoist tasks? All you need is Llama, Tasker or another automation app and +Todoist's mobile app for Android.

This simple yet powerful setup reminds you to look at your to-do list when you get to a place that has an item on it for that location. Thanks to +Richard Ponce for this excellent productivity hack! 
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What would be even better is if you'd add it natively!!! Please?
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"It may just seem like a to-do list, but it is much more than that."
Are you a designer? See how other creatives use +Todoist.

"This tool is simple and powerful. After only five minutes, I was beginning to feel like a super-user. And what’s even better is that it is designed well. Not only does this tool work beautifully, it looks great at the same time." 
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Todoist rocks my world!
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+Steve Dotto: Todoist. Doist To-Do Lists Right

Steve Dotto of Dotto Tech, Canada's longest-running technology TV show, does a wonderful review of +Todoist for his weekly tech show. See why and how he uses +Todoist to manage his life. 
#productivity   #todoist  
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Thanks +Mike Vardy props to you for putting the bug in my ear to do a piece on +Todoist
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How to Pick the Best Productivity Method for Your Personality

Do you ever feel like you have a dilemma of choice when trying to decide how to become more productive? That’s why we’ve rounded up 3 most popular strategies:
1) Getting Things Done (GTD),
2) Pomodoro,
3) Seinfeld
and provided tips regarding each of them. 
#productivity #gtd   #pomodoro  #seinfeld
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No, "unless you want to".There's to much out there to have any issues. Focus - open your mind - collect your thoughts - listen to others an be open to there ideas - things will flow. Trust me.
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+Productivityist's +Mike Vardy: How To Add Real Value To Your To Do List

The best way we can try to do the things that really matter is by making sure that they stand out on our to do lists. That’s why using tags, contacts, or labels is essential.

Add context to your tasks for real value: location, "low energy" / "high energy", particular passion (e.g. writing). 
#productivity  #todolist #todoist 
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And spend "most" of your time doing them ... 
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+Todoist Ninja. Get things done. Ninja-style.

Looking for a new way to boost your productivity? :) Slice and dice your to-do list with our new Productivity Ninja theme!
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+1 for here:

C'mon guys, it can't be that difficult to offer more than a white theme...
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Curious why freelancers love Todoist?

"+Todoist is my new best friend. I have long searched for a can’t-live-without task manager and this is it. I keep everything here from my shopping lists to blog posts that need written."

Check this out to see reviews of Todoist and 8 other apps from the freelancer's point of view:
#productivity  #freelance #todoist 
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Need windowsphone app please 
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Todoist is a sleek yet powerful online task manager that organizes your to-do lists on all your devices across 12 platforms.

Used by over 1,000,000 people, Todoist is arguably the most robust and versatile to-do app available as it offers seamless synchronization across 12 different platforms including iOS, Android, Outlook, Chrome, Thunderbird, Gmail and more.

The web-based version of Todoist is one of the best, largest, and most long-lived task management software solutions available and is frequently praised for its constant innovation.

Managing tasks, sub-tasks, projects using labels (for task status or context), recurring due dates, reminders, color-coding or project templates has never been easier and makes Todoist the most complete GTD solution on the market.