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Some day you will have version for windows 8 app?
that depends I renew ...
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Interview with Phil Simon, Author of Message Not Received: How Your Communication Style Influences Your Productivity

Do you know if you’re being a truly effective communicator at work? Find this out!
#productivity   #communication  #interview
Read an exclusive interview with Phil Simon, author of Message Not Received, a book about how your business communication affects your productivity.
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Headed to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress this week?

Our very own COO Allan Christensen will be there and is happy to meet & chat. If you're going to be in town, come by and say hi :)

#MWC15  #Barcelona  #MeetTodoist
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Great things coming up.
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Interview with our very own Head of iOS Development Nuno Baldaia about how +Todoist for iOS gets made. Everything you wanted to know, in this article!
#productivity   #todoist   #ios  
ToDoist is one of the great apps for iOS. A clean interface, well thought workflow and an impressive suite of integrations with 13 different platforms makes ToDoist the perfect app for a busy schedule. According to the developers, ToDoist is currently used by over 2 million people around the world. ;
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+Productivityist: 3 Ways To Create Start Dates In Todoist 

While Todoist doesn’t currently offer start dates, you can make them happen in Todoist – and without the use of external apps or services. Here is how!

#productivity #taskmanagement #todoist
I’ve experimented with three ways to achieve start date functionality in Todoist, and while none of them are perfect they do the trick.
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+Spencer Crane I'm no expert, but I think you can accomplish this by using the "after" recurring syntax instead of "every." So "after 1 day starting today" should generate a new task for the following day only when you complete it - and not completing it will hurt you in the same way normal uncompleted tasks do.
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Building Better Team Task Management in +Todoist 

Todoist is great for managing your own tasks, but what if you’re leading a team? There are several ways to make this happen in Todoist, with becoming a business member.

#productivity  #taskmanagement  #todoist
Mike Vardy– The Productivityist– shares his best tips on how to improve your team task management with Todoist. Keep your team in sync and stay productive!
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Have them in circles
11,615 people
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21 Podcasts to Listen to for Productivity, Work-Life Balance, and the Pursuit of Happiness

For people who love to learn and hate wasting time, podcasts are a godsend. They have the power to turn every day into prime opportunity for self-development!

#productivity #worklifebalance #podcasts
These 21 awesome podcasts to listen to will help increase your productivity, improve your finances, augment your creativity, & be generally happier at work.
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No Productivitist podcast? 
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15 Motivational Speeches and Movies That Will Change the Way You Work

You can also find inspiration everywhere: TED talks, documentaries, and even movies. Here is a collection of some videos which will change the way you think and work!

#productivity #motivation #inspiration
Needing a little inspiration? These 15 motivational speeches, documentaries, and movies will inspire you to reach new heights.
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News Feed Nirvana: Stay Informed in under 30 Minutes a Day

The internet never sleeps. Step away for a few minutes and your news feed and social accounts will be overflowing with new posts, photos, videos. Lean how to keep up with everything in <30 min. a day!

#productivity #todoist #news
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+Allen Angle Fenix
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We're Hiring: Two New Job Openings at Doist

At Doist, we’re growing quickly and are excited to announce that we currently have 2 job openings: Bilingual (English + Spanish) Support Staff Member and Business Development & Marketing Intern. Apply at

#todoist #jobs #career
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Too bad it's not about me :(
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It's that time of the year! Only 4 days left until The Academy Awards (The +Oscars). Easily add all NYT Critics' Pick films to your list to stay up-to-date with the latest movie trends, using the +IFTTT recipe.

#productivity   #todoist   #ifttt  
Stay up-to-date with the latest and best movie trends with the top film recommendations from The New York Times.
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An Interview with Craig Jarrow, The Time Management Ninja

+Craig Jarrow: "The best trick to beat procrastination is start right now. It doesn’t have to be a big step, it can be a tiny one. Remember, "You can’t finish if you never start." "

#productivity #timemanagement #interview
In an exclusive interview, The Time Management Ninja (Craig Jarrow) shares his best productivity tips about email, motivation, procrastination, & much more!
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Todoist is a sleek yet powerful task manager that organizes your to-do lists on all your devices across 15 platforms.

Trusted by over 3 million people, Todoist is the best online task management app and to-do list. For Web, iPhone, iPad, Android, Chrome, Outlook and many more!

Todoist is one of the most powerful and long-lived task management apps available and is frequently praised for its constant innovation.

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