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Excited to have Trek back on the air and excited to have friends to share it with this time around. took me 40 years, but I can finally watch and have people to talk to about it the next day. This is great.

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Raiders, Alll Day, Every Day. Let's go!

Happy Gameday all

I am still having a hard time believing Star Trek is back and people are talking about it. Watching TNG as a kid i watched and sometimes wondered, 'am i the only one wathing this? ' It wasn't until Best Of Both Worlds that i heard anyone else even mention Trek. That day, 1990, Mrs Beaton's Spanish class, a kid name mike said something about, i can't wait. And that Locutus means....... i was so suprrised, like wow. This guy watches, this guys knows.

From there i knew he was a fan but i didn't know how to share i was a fan too. It just wasn't a thing i knew how to do. It wasn't until many years later i learned, plenty of people watch and love this. There are networks and Podcast.

Now, in my 40s, Trek is back and i can watch and share with others, realtiime, how great is that? Hard to realize, still.

Fans of TOS only had TOS

Fans in the 90s had 7 seasons and concurrent shots for over ten years. ( saddly i didn't realize how great this was until it was gone]

And now, a new show, in a time where Social Media exist and i can share with so many fans. Never having to wonder if i am the only one watching this, again. This is priceless. I know, people like me are watching, are smiling are connecting the dots. This is truly great.

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Football is back!
Cheers to all, even Broncos fans....

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1) Football
3) Both one and two are awesome

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Raider Nation is ready.

Raiders. ... let's go!
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