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Update Nov 16: The Google+ badge is now out of preview and available to all users on all sites!

Hi! I’m very excited to see our Google+ badge begin to roll out to our platform preview group this morning. The badge is going to be a great way to both grow your audience on Google+ and show more +1 recommendations around the web. Have a quick read about it on our Google+ platform blog, or head straight over to our Google+ badge configuration tool and create your site’s badge today! Remember, sign up for our Google+ Platform Preview Group first in order to be able to access the badge prior to our full launch.
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The badge is great but too large ! Give us the option to choose the size !
+Todd Volkert I think this is really cool, but as I pointed out on the post by +Mike Elgan if a person is logged out of G+ or doesn't have G+ there is just a big blank spot on your site. Which if you are using in a sidebar on a blog looks awkward. Should it still show even if someone doesn't have g+?
Scott, that's due to the badge only being rolled out to our platform preview group. Once we launch the badge publicly, it will work for people who aren't signed up for g+.
+Todd Volkert : the preview for "standard badge" and "small badge" don't show anything for me (Chrome browser) - ?
Clement, thanks for the feedback! We're listening :-)
I'm a little confused about the overlap of +1ing a companies website vs +1ing their page... Eg, I have around 480 +1s on my website ( which are displayed near the top of the site.

If I put this badge on there, it shows that I only have 3 +1s, which are tied to the Google+ page.

It seems a bit silly to have this weird disconnect between clicking +1 on the homepage of a product, and the page on Google+ - surely these should be one and the same?
+Danny Tuppeny Well the +1 button on your site just means 480 people have clicked the button, the badge relates to your actual page. Personally I don't see any value in the +1 button on sites currently as nothing automatically posts that you just plus 1'd the site. But does show on your profile under the "+1s" but I don't know who is actually looking at those.
+Danny Tuppeny I agree. I have 24 +1s for my blog homepage. If I replace my +1 button with this, no one will see it. Unless Google comes up with a way to transfer the +1s for the website (just the homepage) to the Google+ Page associated with that website, I won't be shifting.

Also, the standard badge is way too large to fit in my sidebar. They need to make that change.
+Scott Ayres I understand the technical difference, but I mean for a user. I would be surprised if Google weren't thinking of using +1's on URLs in search rankings - that's motivation to show the URL-based one. However, the Badge one has more functionality, and will encourage people to follow you.

As a webmaster and/or user, this just doesn't make sense. They should be one and the same if the url is on the profile, and the publisher tag is in the website.

+Bhagwad Park I'm thinking the same. For now, I'm sticking with the one that shows 480 +1's, even though I'd rather use the page one! :(
Any one figured how to get this working on a blog (not .org) blog? I know that doesn't like java script, so hoping for a work around.
Normally for Twitter etc, I would place the text in a text widget and all would be OK.
+Danny Tuppeny Well they are 2 different things. Just like people can "Like" your site with the FB like plugin and you can have a "Like Box" showing your fan page. It's no different than that. The 2 shouldn't be tied together.
+Scott Ayres But just because it's done that way in Facebook doesn't mean it should be that way. When two metrics measure the same thing, there's no reason to have two separate counters for those metrics.

In the end, certain people have +1'd my site. That's a measurable fact. That fact needs to be reflected in the new tool which Google is releasing.
+Scott Ayres You're thinking about how it's implemented. Think about it from a users perspective. A user just wants to Like/+1 this entity on Google+. There shouldn't be a choice here for them to make - when a website/URL and a Google+ page are tied together (which is happening already - look at Direct Connect) it just doesn't make sense to have two options for the same thing.

Whatever happens behind the scenes, to a user, a +1 to the url, and a +1 on the Google+ page should be the same thing. I just want to +1 Coca Cola. Google should be smarter than letting implementation details muddy the user experience.
Badges are great. The new logo/favicon is lousy :( Bring back the old one!
+Momchil Kyurkchiev heh, the badges weren't working when I tried this earlier today, but I did add the icon (only hosted the image via our software). As much as I'd like to include the badge on our on the header of our site, even the small badge is too big for us. :(
300 pixels width is too large for mosts website. Can you add options to modify it.
There is also a bug when there is no cicrle selected in the french version of the badge. The message display is "Ajouter au cercle" but there is not enough space so the message is crop.
+Cyril Lopez I've tried all possible ways to change the width with no luck! It seems that it's coded in the style="" of the container div, that's why your theme CSS won't override it! However I see the the class "g-plus" is already added but still useless! Looking forward to see more control over the style, I hope they will remove the width="300" from the code soon!
G+ "circle me" badges are nice, but need more customisation options: 300px is too wide for a sidebar.
Perhaps putting the Circle dropdown under the text would square it up somewhat.

It'd be nice if we could set the target on the "We're on G+" link (to "_blank") - it's hard enough getting people to visit a site without directing them away again!
Shouldn't you be able to override the 300px width by defining it in your stylesheet and including !important? A little hacky I know, but it should work.

Please enter a valid email address.

I used the same e-mail address that I use for Google+.
+Brian LePore As far as I can make out the G+ embeds an iframe - you cannot control the styles within this from your own page.
+Hubert Nguyen, did you join the platform preview group?

+Scott Ayres, soon :-)

+Danny Tuppeny, you're absolutely right. Another thing we'll be rolling out soon is the ability to link +1s on your Google+ page and on your website -- so that both will count toward the same number.
+Brian LePore This is not easy when the div has style defined inline, example: < div style="bla bla" > This is is not easy to override!
Is there anyway to change the color of the badge?, I don't really like how it looks on my dark background.
+Clive Jordan Yes, I was on the go when I made my comment. I've messed around with Firebug and see the limitations. Quite annoying.
+Todd Volkert Thanks for the response! +Brad Abrams replied on the Google+ post I made saying the same thing. Look forward to it - I just hope it doesn't take as long as Pages and Apps support ;-)
+Todd Volkert

You could add these things?
1) change size of the badge
2) text editing "we're on" (I wish there was the name, like "Nicolò on G+")
3) text editing "add to circles" (in some language the text is cut)

+Todd Volkert Is there any way of integrating the Google Friends Connect feature with the new Google+ badge? We introduced this feature on some of our main sites a few months ago and have over 20.000 "members". Since choosing to follow a site as a member via Google Friends was essentially the pretext to the present +1 feature, is Google planning on any integration between the two? It seems silly to have to "like" a site via two different applications.
So frustrating I can't add it to my Google Sites website because of the javascript...
One more vote for vertical badges or even badges whose width and height can be customized by the webmaster.
Where is the google+ badge on your official google+ blog? Why don't you use it if you're so excited about this new tool?
Thanks for all the great feedback everyone - we hear it, and we're already working on the next round of improvements!

I also wanted to follow-up on the discussion of +1 count between your Google+ page and your website. Over the past few days, we've rolled out a fix such that once you link your site up to your Google+ page using the badge, the +1 counts on both will match each other.
Also, +Guillermo Abramson, not sure if it meets your needs, but there are size customization options as well as of that same post.
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