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Here's my (hopefully only) take on Klout. In short:

Klout is one of the biggest scams on the Internet right now.

For the longer story, click the blog post below.
DISCLAIMER: The title of this post, and all following content — not including opinions of any third parties reproduced here — are solely my opinion, and any legal stance should be taken in that light....
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17 comments nothing more or less than a loosely disguised Farmville for SEO douchenozzles. :)
+Gary Walker, I said something to that effect in the article, too. ^F-search it for "level up". ;)
I'm kind of having trouble figuring out what the scam is.

1. Sign in to Klout.
2. Get mail every now and then saying I have a Perk.
3. Log in and pick up my Perk.
4. Profit!

So far I'm ahead by a hoodie and a set of business cards, and all I had to do was sign up.
+Peter da Silva:

5. Get turned down for a job because your score isn't high enough.
6. Wonder if the hoodie and business cards were worth it.

This is the problem - it's a crapshoot game being treated as real-world value.
Todd Vierling is influential in "Detecting Bullshit"
+Dave Taylor - I just tried to make that literally true on their system, but topics must be chosen from their list. They won't accept "Outing Naked Emperors" either. I guess I will just have to bump up his +k for "Palm Pre" instead. (Kidding, of course.) 'Privacy' it is; good call by Meirav.
Well, I guess Klout is good for something: heckling Klout. :-P
+Todd Vierling -

5. If I ever apply for a marketroid job, shoot me.

Wait a second, you're equating marketing jobs with real-world value?

+Bob O`Bob -

Some beggar keeps saying I'm influential for "Steak", so I keep telling Klout he's influential for "Discordianism" and "Civets".

I think "Discordianism" needs to be a trending topic in Klout.
+Peter da Silva , I'm much more worried about the customer service implication detailed by the WIRED article. That's something that is just screwed up.

But in the age of employers demanding candidates' Facebook passwords, do you really think this will stay limited to marketing jobs for long?
In the casino business? How do you tell what's more screwed up than everything else?

And the "facebook passwords" thing turns out to have been massively overblown. I'm filing them both with the pearl-clutching over Google's terms of service. It's a hat-trick of hyperventilation!
Apparently The Peter Principle needs a sequel. When companies hire idiots dangerously uninformed workers and promote them, eventually those idiots uninformed and unethical workers determine who gets hired next. This can have disastrous repercussions.
Indeed. But still, this discussion has been entertaining, if nothing else. I just felt the need to call out Klout as the lemming game that it is.

That reminds me, I haven't played Psygnosis's Lemmings in a while. I really should fix that. (Too bad about Angry Birds getting that thunder; I really would love to have a plush Lemming figure...)
Surprising! Everyone thought that something as complex as social interactions can be easily represented by a single number ;-).

P.S. And i always thought that fools-quote was from John Brunner ;-).
+Robert Chase, "Social Loot" -- that name reminds me of the company with the punch-the-monkey ad. ("TreeLoot")
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