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Uh, I see #nymwars implications in this. It looks like Gmail will reveal someone's Google+ profile based on the sender's e-mail address, which may use a different name than the one on the sender's e-mail account.
Gmail originally shared:
Last July, we asked the Google+ community for ideas on how we could make Gmail better with Google+. I'm very pleased to announce that today we've started to roll out changes to both Gmail and Contacts that do just that. You can now find emails from the people you care about with filtering by circles, share photos from Gmail to Google+ in one click, keep all your contact information up-to-date automatically and see what your friends are talking about all within Gmail and Contacts. To find out more, check out our blogpost.

I want to take the opportunity to thank all of you who participated in these discussions and who gave us feedback on our integration strategy. Your input was vital to develop our overall strategy and to develop these features. Please continue to let us know what you think and share your ideas for more integration in the comments.

Posted by +Mark Striebeck
Gmail and Contacts get better with Google+. Posted by Mark Striebeck, Engineering Director We want to bring you a great experience across all Google products which, for Gmail and Contacts, means under...
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Do you think there are many people that use an email they want to keep discrete from their Plus identity to set up their account?

I'm sure there are some, but it surely is... ill considered if you're looking to keep them discrete.
I think the problem will be more of intentionality & awareness. Plus planning ahead -- I actually accidentally started using G+ on a secondary account first, a decision I've been happier and happier about as this juggernaut proceeds.
There are people that use email, that may not want the receiver to find them on g+.
Then there was that whole use your real name & a email address. Will they be connecting email addresses to names and then to g+ accounts? There was the thing (on Mobil can't look up) where a brand new gmail of Skud was given to someone that should not have had it. 
Right now I'm trying to figure out how come G+ told me you shared this with me +Todd Vierling. As far as I can tell, the only reason is that I happened to be looking at the Gmail page in question when you posted. Unless you singled me out in some way I can't see I think Google is getting too smart for its own good.
The devil is in the details here ... people who look at my profile can opt to send me an email: the disclosure of the email addy is up to me. One would expect it to be the other way around too... and many older gmail users have used a nym for their id.

That and the way people tend to act on their expectations, I'd be surprised if it wasn't quite common.

OTOH: it also looks like you'd have to have the sender in your circles for this to work.
Biggest problem I see offhand is that, unless the profile machinery is subtler and better-implemented than most of what they've done so far, the chances of "identity bleed" to casual acquaintances in minor circles seems fairly high. Need to go look at whether their filtering is any good yet, but history makes me pessimistic...
Basically, Google seems to espouse a philosophy of no privacy - a philosophy that Zuck articulates but has never put into code as law or policy as enforcement with the same zeal.

So where Facebook is the Catholic assumpive universal we-gotcha-so-whatev network here, Google places themselves as the far more American WASP Puritan style behavior police - the Comstocks and JEdgar Hoovers who profit in the back room from moralizing (in this case about shirts in restaurants).

Bah. I should move. I should emigrate. But in both cases, somehow I don't...
+Jim Williams I think he pokes us by adding our names explicitly additional to "Public" when sharing.
Which is good, because otherwise I might have missed it as my stream is a bit out of control.

I am not sure yet what the implications of this GMail changes are.
The name used in GMail is the same as for G+ already and always has been.
So I guess the news is that our GMail addresses will be exposed now ?
+Kryptyk Physh let me put it this way. I happen to block people first and ask questions later, but most people haven't been using email for 40 years.
Does this only happen if the person has made their email address punlic in the settings? Or are they doing it only if that person has me in their circles and is exposing their email to me via settings. I can see the latter case exposing an unexpected name, but I can see why Google wouldn't care, you're using two names with the same email, which a) they've said not to do and b) is pretty risky even without G+. Good point though.
Email bleed for anyone using gmail could be social engineered trivially from launch, and I pointed this out not long after.

This feature actually protects them in a way by levelling the vulnerability to all profile emails, not just gmail ones, and gives opening a privacy hole further, framed as a feature, not a bug.

Hey +Kee Hinckley - remember that conversation in Davis? What's your vote? Feature? Spin/framing? Both?
Thank you for sharing. I recently got an invitation from Google to do user testing for G+ if I can get there during the day soon. I am on the fence about whether it's worth taking a couple of hours out of my work day to do this, but I am increasingly interested in this. If nothing else, it might be important for #nymwars.
+Jim Williams +Tom Black I was assuming that he adds the circle we're included in, and clicks "notify". (which I'm happy with in this case. I think it's a feature that needs to be used sparingly and wisely, and I feel +Todd Vierling's use of it has been sensible.)
on topic - yes, I see the problem here, I have one example in my gmail account of someone I've been emailing who is on G+ and when I open our last email conversation, Google "helpfully" shows me on the right hand side a link to her latest G+ post. But her name on G+ is not identical to the name she uses on email. So they could be telling me stuff I didn't know about her.
yes, she is. (yes, for that gmail account.)

off to check out the other stuff you asked... brb
No, her email address is not shown in her G+ profile.
you're welcome. I'd noticed this recently but hadn't thought to investigate - thank you for raising the issue.
I'm seeing what +Meirav Berale reports as well. I have someone in my address book with a different name, and it's showing me her Google+ profile. I do not see her email address on her Google+ profile. I've just asked her to check and let me know what the permissions on her email address are.
+Kee Hinckley If you have someone's email address, you've always been able to find their G+ profile by adding them by email address.
+Kee Hinckley Yes - hiding your email address from public means that people who don't already know your email address who see your profile cannot find out your email address. It's orthogonal to showing someone your profile if you already know the email address associated with the profile.
+Todd Vierling +Liz Fong-Jones Hmmm. Useful for spammers. Take a database of email addresses, plug them into G+ and get back a database of names.

Just went and checked, Mine were set to "In My Circles" for privacy, and oddly, I can't separate my email address and phone number out for separate protections. Just changed those to just me. If that still shows up in search, that seems like a definite bug.
Can someone search for + and see what shows up?
Sharing via email only.

So no profile on that account, as far as I can tell?
FYI: this is advertised upfront when you create an account. (it's the grey circled ? after "To join, create a public Google profile.")

Important points about profiles
Changing your name in your profile changes your name in your Google Account as well. This change will be reflected in other Google products you sign in to with your account, like Gmail and Docs.
Deleting your profile won't delete your Google Account.
People who have your email address could see a link to the profile that's associated with that email address.
+Liz Fong-Jones No. But that's my work mail, not my verified home mail, so maybe it's not associated with the account. I was hopeful for a minute, but then I realized, it's probably associated with my personal email. So I assume if you put in my name as an email address ( it works, even though I have it marked as private to me only?
+Liz Fong-Jones No, you're right. It's been there from the beginning. I do think however, that when you edit your profile (long after you didn't read the signup info) it should make it clear that "Private to Me" isn't really.
+Todd Vierling I suspect it will work with any email address which has been verified with that account, plus the original gmail address.
Obviously, there needs to be a way to opt out of integration such as this, in two stages. One, not participating in it yourself, and secondly not showing up for people you email or whatever.

I wonder what happens when with people who aren't visible in search/have their privacy settings higher?
(Placeholder comment for lurking here too)
FYI. It still works even of you've been blocked by the person, but that doesn't particular upset me, since you probably shouldn't be sending email to people you blocked.

My main concern is that there is no indication on the profile page that my email is searchable even though I've set it private to me only. That's clearly wrong. Either it should really be private, or it shouldn't have "private to me" as an option. (and it could to be pulled out of the same area as my phone number at the same time, since I'd really like different privacy settings for the two)

As an aside, having privacy settings based on circles is rather problematic, since it assumes that the act of circling implies a trust relationship, which is clearly not the case (Even less so with G+ than Facebook).
+Kee Hinckley Actually, I think it's worse and more complex than that -- the act of circling sometimes implies a trust relationship, but it depends on the circle.

The problem is, circles fulfill two very distinct roles: who I am providing access to, and who I am following. As far as I know, DreamWidth is the only system that keeps these concepts distinct -- everybody else conflates them to a greater or lesser degree.

The result is semantic confusion. Some of my circles do imply trust relationships to a greater or lesser degree, and I'm happy to have them seeing parts of my profile. (Although different circles should be seeing different versions of the profile.) Some of them do nothing of the sort -- they just people who I want to read sometime, who I have circled as a filtering mechanism. But as so often, the problem's been over-simplified...
(Goes and checks.) My apologies -- you're right, that's become more sophisticated since I last looked at it carefully. I find the management abstraction a little unintuitive, but the capability is reasonable...
Actually, I should expand on that last thought. I think of profile filtering as circle centric, not profile centric. That is, I expect to be able to say, "For this circle, this is the stuff I'm sharing with them"; instead, what we have is, "for this datum, these are the circles to share with". Functionally, it does most of what I want -- I just find the design approach to be the reverse of the way I think about the problem...
Man, I'm glad I don't depend on these creeps for email.
+Todd Vierling Oh, wonderful. So now my real address, which I had for a Blogger login but didn't expose on that site, might get associated with my mostly unused Gmail address, and end up another spam dump? Argh!
Well, sure enough, they were there. I deleted them, since I really don't need them there.
I haven't tested this fully, but every time someone has sent me a private message via the 'send a message' link on my profile page, it has shown up from their gmail account, rather than blinded to a dummy account as many other services do it (so that both sides may converse via email without revealing their addresses, using the service as an intermediary.) Therefore, I believe that the act of clicking that link also reveals (possibly without your knowledge) what your gmail account is. What I haven't tested is if this is the case on people who have set their gmail address private, but every private message I've gotten has had a gmail address attached. This has been the case since the beginning, AFAIK.
+Gretchen S. Yes, when you use 'send an email' rather than 'send a message', it will send a message to them from your real gmail address [but obscures their email address from you unless they choose to reply (or have put you on the ACL of people allowed to see their email in their profile in the past, etc.)]
If it's announcing that it reveals, then that's fine, though I'd prefer a double-blinded intermediary that reveals neither side. (More complicated to set up, I know, but some sites do it.) I haven't tested it much myself because my G+ is on a secondary account that I don't want to have to watch closely for relevant email, so I wasn't certain of the full set of behavior.
I had always assumed that choosing "send an email" would mean the recipient sees my email address, which is why I've steered clear of that feature. I was really glad the "send a message" button was added (though sadly a lot of people have disabled it).
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