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When Academic Papers Go Full Retard: Memory IS Faster Than Disk!

So this article by Phil Johnson at ITworld made the rounds today, and even hit Slashdot . It's about an academic paper from the University of British Columbia claiming that in-memory data manipulation is not always faster than direct disk usage, by comparin...
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+Michael Bennett Mmmyeah... I don't think it was quite meant as such. :-P
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Todd Vierling

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This is +Rogue Black 's daughter. Discussion on OP please.
EDIT NOTE: She has been found. Thank you for spreading the word. Reshares are now disabled.
5'8", 120lbs
Long Light Brown Hair
Hazel Eyes

Last Seen Friday, February 20 in Punta Gorda.
Last Contact with her mother on Sunday, February 22 at 1:39pm.

Location services on her phone have been turned off, her phone is off, and no one can confirm her location.

IF YOU SEE THIS GIRL, PLEASE CALL 941-623-8597 or 941-623-2709
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Todd Vierling

commented on a video on YouTube.
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You would think that a huge industry lobbying group would have enough money to hire a decent script writer.

Then it might not be so obvious of a shill video.

#netneutrality #wireless #ctia
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Well, if the municipality is the monopoly and isn't keeping up, then they need to not be a monopoly either.
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OK, +Google Play folks, whom do I contact to get more "devices" deauthorized from my Music account? Your own Google Music Manager for Linux has blindly reauthorized itself enough times that if I have to switch handsets at any point in the near future, I'm going to be basically locked out of my account. And I'm a paid subscriber, no less.

IMNSHO, Music Manager shouldn't be subject to the "deauthorize per year" limit - once deauthed, the app is dead until it gets a new token anyway, so there's no need to treat it as a consumer device.

#PlayMusic #Bug #DRMSucks  
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+Edward Morbius The vast majority of my GMusic library is uploaded from my rips or direct artist downloads (no DRM) but the backend now dedupes it to the stored tracks so most take up zero data space.

The only "DRM-ness" of GMusic is the weird limit on deauthorizing devices, which I highly suspect was a term woven into Google Play's contracts with the labels to discourage arbitrary sharing of an entire account.
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I never have these problems with my cheap-ass under-$50 handsets. And if I drop mine hard enough to crack the screen... a replacement is under $50. Who needs insurance?

#fanboying #iDevices   #bendgate  
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Hipsters your pants are too tight
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Facebook's Intentional Security Fail... or: How Not To Do Two-Factor Properly

In the wake of "The Fappening" and various other security breaches in recent news, two-factor authentication has become much more popular as a way to defend against theft of passwords or session cookie data. I have some form of two-factor auth enabled on every site I use which offers it, save one: Facebook.

Not too long ago, Facebook introduced a form of two-factor authentication using mobile phone SMS verification, under the name "Login Approvals". There's just a little nagging problem: to enable the feature, you're required to stay persistently logged in to Facebook on at least one system. If your browser is set to clear cookies on exit (or forces cookies to session-only rather than persistent), Facebook prevents you from enabling the feature, with a pop-up message reading:

"Your current <browser> settings might make it hard to use Login Approvals.
It's probably because:
- You sometimes clear your cookies."

Like, duh!? Yes, dear, I do have my browser set to clear cookies on exit. This is a security measure! I want to ensure that a fresh browser session requires that I login again, every time. If someone happens to be able to access the GUI console on my laptop, I don't want any site to sit there, already logged in, just waiting to be accessed.

This defeats the whole purpose of two-factor authentication. Further, it flies in the face of Facebook's internal IT systems security, which makes use of +Duo Security's strong two-factor system every day. Internally, Facebook does the right thing -- externally, it fails miserably.

I can only guess that this restriction exists to nudge folks into leaving Facebook's Internet tracking cookie enabled when not actively using the site itself. Besides being insulting to security-conscious people, this braindead prerequisite for enabling two-factor auth shows that Facebook still only provides lip service to the concept of security.

And I would bet a good $20 that the marketing spin behind this requirement is something along the lines of "Users at home could be confused by having to enter security codes every time they use Facebook".

Yeah, screw that.

#Facebook , you're doing IT wrong. Try again.

#TwoFactorAuth #Security #Fail  
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Their policy is modeled after their privacy policy....moves and changes faster than germs at McDonald's kid playgrounds.....
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Spotted in a Target store in Georgia. Well, at least I know the greeting card companies are completely ready. #Equality #Marriage
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Pretty soon GA will join the party. Now all I need is a groom :P
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It must be a winter storm threatening Atlanta. Lines of people to the grocery checkouts buying up all the eggs, bread, and milk. Why does everyone want French toast at a time like this?

#FrenchToastAlert #TehStoopid  
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Oh, you young geeks. You have no idea.

#t #retrocomputing
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+Casey Barker Correctly termed "Wars" since the Amiga/early-Mac/ST/PC one was perhaps the third or fourth such war, not even counting consoles. :)
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The real shocker in the "ShellShock" vulnerability is the fact that I never knew bash had an "export -f" facility at all. #shellshock #bash #security  

Now I remember why I always preferred smaller-is-better shell programs, particularly NetBSD's "ash" which shares a lot of the same source code with Debian's "dash".

For some technical dissection:
A security flaw discovered in one of the most fundamental interfaces powering the internet has been described by researchers as ‘bigger than Heartbleed', the computer bug that affected nearly every computer user earlier this year.
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+Gretchen S., yeah, this was a bit harder crack, a generic file point-to-point transfer system which worked by executing a series of shell scripts to do tunnelled point-to-point file transfer via a variety of protocols (configuration was done via configuration which was silently transformed into suitably-named-and-valued environment variables, a decision borrowed from CGI which seems a bit less wise in the light of this security hole -- ah well, only trusted administrators could configure those files anyway.)

Doing transfer-program (e.g. sftp) error checking and parsing in ksh basically requires a "blah | while read ...; do [parse] done" loop, with the inside of the while loop setting environment variables to communicate with the script outside the parsing loop; further, to reliably detect the closing of that pipe you need to set env vars on the other side of the pipeline too (which was itself ferociously complicated and several lines long), and pdksh just wasn't up to that.
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“As we grow up, you always hear that America’s the greatest, the land of the free and the home of the brave,” she said. “For all the good things we’ve done, we’ve done some terrible things. It’s important to learn about those things, or we’re doomed to repeat the past.”

- Leighanne Grey, a high school senior in Colorado, bringing visibility to attempts to roll back education curricula (an effort to quell civil discord and promote hyper-conservative, lopsided agendas)

#KnowledgeIsPower #Colorado #Education #f  
Hundreds of high school students left class in response to a Jefferson County school district proposal to oversee a curriculum that would promote patriotism and respect.
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A few of the western states have been under siege by well funded ideological conservatives desperately trying to gain territory and influence by hook or by crook.

If they weren't so inferior as leaders I wouldn't be too concerned. Having some balance is good. However, I believe that these people are devoted to serving their ideology and not to serving their fellow Americans. That is unacceptable in a public servant.
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I am normal. Everybody else is insane. (- me, age 11)
What much is there to say? Geek, motorcyclist, geek, opinionated ass, geek, bird-owned*, geek...

(* Not bird owner; it's the other way round. Trust me.)
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NetBSD contributor for ten years, and have had my fingers peripherally involved in a swath of other projects, most recently the Linux kernel guts.
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