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OK, +Google Chrome developers, now you're really starting to piss me off. This is getting ABSURD.

This morning my mother got the following message:

"This computer will soon stop receiving Google Chrome updates because its hardware is no longer supported."

This is apparently because the CPU in her desktop computer, running a fully patched Windows 7, and which is perfectly fast enough for most of the Web -- it's a multi-GHz AMD Athlon XP -- does not have SSE2 instructions, and the developers can't be bothered to change compile switches:;a=commitdiff;h=9a071b5fd5dc9ed02c6dad6b242e21c98aefbba8



She owns a fucking Chromebook already, and the whole point of running Chrome on the Windows desktop is to sync with the Chromebook and stay away from security issues. No updates means no future security fixes.

What am I supposed to do, move her to IE?

So, fuck you, too.

#googlechrome   #devstupidity   #notquitelegacyhardware
#AreYouActivelyTryingToPissOffUsers ?
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Intel announced SSE2 in 2001 so this is not bleeding edge stuff. Which exact processor is it?
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+feedly today announced* that it's integrating with a "new" service, +Zapier. Though "new" may be pushing it a little; Zapier appears to be almost identical in purpose to +IFTTT with two main differences:

* Zapier offers business-oriented "premium" services (generally ones which charge by the API call). IFTTT only connects to services with freely published APIs.

* Zapier has a relatively low free number of triggers ("tasks") per month (100). IFTTT has no pre-declared limits, though it does have limits on size of data that can be transported from or to some services (likely for bandwidth reasons).

Both services use "if <source> then <sink>" logic, which works for a lot of things but lacks an important capability: filtering.

On the other end of the extreme, of course, is Yahoo Pipes, which is a rather technically involved logic flowchart system for data manipulation. It's not for beginners at all, to be sure.

I wonder who's planning on making the middle-of-the-road solution (using IFTTT/Zapier's model, with conditionals in the middle)...

#DataPipe   #IFTTT   #Zapier  

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Proof I'm not enough of a techie to understand it! ;-) 
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Anyone got about $40k to blow on +David Hasselhoff's custom fan-built replica of KITT?

But the creepiest item in the collection may well be this:
...That's #Hoffsome !

#KnightRider   #KITT  
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Well, I know which link you clicked.
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This headline is not misleading. The bill really does create allowance for explicit establishment of religion by students -- and open public speaking opportunities for popular students (in a "position of honor") -- for the obvious inferred purpose of proselytizing. I'm just... I... <grrrrrrrr>

Bill details:

Bill full text:

#WTF   #SeparationOfChurchAndState   #Tennessee   #Religion
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I still live by my quote from elementary school:

"I am normal. Everybody else is insane."
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Now that it's past midnight Pacific time and officially April 2 there, I have to wonder: Was there a reason behind #AutoHoffsome beyond the obvious hilarity and fun?

The number of photos with +David Hasselhoff added, particularly so many with his photo grafted to appear behind others in the modified photos, strongly suggests to me that Google may have some automated edge-detection capabilities for photos beyond those typically found in image editors such as Photoshop. Well, either that, or there was a small army of people doing the image grafting by hand (which feels too anti-Google).

I wonder whether there's an #autoawesome "splice me into/out of this photo" capability coming. But I don't expect an announcement of such a feature until it exists, of course.

What a #hoffsome day!
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Ah. Partially usable for this purpose, but not entirely. :)
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"Tearing Europe Apart: 20 ways to slice a continent"

#seemslegit   #europe  
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Yeah, the religion statments are a bit more patchwork in reality, to be sure, but the rest are pretty amusing.
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Heartbleed from The Codeless Code

A novice asked of master Bawan: “Say something about the Heartbleed Bug.”

Said Bawan: “Chiuyin, the Governor’s treasurer, is blind as an earthworm. A thief may give him a coin of tin, claim that it is silver and receive change. When the treasury is empty, which man is the villain? Speak right and I will spare you all blows for one week. Speak wrong and my staff will fly!”

The novice thought: if I say the thief, Bawan will surely strike me, for it is the treasurer who doles out the coins. But if I say the treasurer he will also strike me, for it is the thief who takes advantage of the situation.

When the pause grew too long, Bawan raised his staff high. Suddenly enlightened, the novice cried out: “The Governor! For who else made this blind man his treasurer?”

Bawan lowered his staff. “And who is the Governor?”

Said the novice: “All who might have cried out ‘this man is blind!’ but failed to notice, or even to examine him.”

Bawan nodded. “This is the first lesson. Too easily we praise Open Source, saying smugly to each other, ‘under ten thousand eyeballs, every bug is laid bare’. Yet when the ten thousand avert their gaze, they are no more useful than the blind man. And now that I have spared you all blows for one week, stand at ease and tell me: what is the second lesson?”

Said the novice: “Surely, I have no idea.”

Bawan promptly struck the novice’s skull with his staff. The boy fell to the floor, unconscious.

As he stepped over the prone body, Bawan remarked: “Code as if everyone is the thief.”

#Heartbleed   #OpenSSL   #opensource  
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J Ice
Excellent insight into Heartbleed.
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Explanation of the #Heartbleed   #OpenSSL  bug for those who don't understand network protocols.

h/t +Joey A
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No, +Martin Krischik, *both* languages have their pros and cons. There is a non-trivial overhead to forcing all data through runtime range checking, but at the same time, there can be a safety benefit from it.

I've worked with more than enough languages to know that decisions about implementation language are not nearly as simplistic as you seem to want them to be. Don't fall into the fallacy's fallacy trap:

Like I've already said, if someone wants to make an open-source SSL/TLS library in Ada, including the necessary bindings to interface well with established code (generally via a C interface, which must be created explicitly), go for it. We'd love to see it, benchmark it, try it out in production systems. New and shiny always gets attention in the software world, because we're always hunting for the newest "Best" Thing.

But please, no more "My language is always better!" crap. As of this writing, there is no One Language To Rule Them All, dears; they all have their rough and smooth edges.

(Since this has been going in circles for a while, comments are now closed.)
How is it that I missed this? I so have to get it for a geek-friend. THANK YOU, +George Takei!

#EauMy   #OhMyyy   #Engage  
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I hope it smells as good as sweaty swashbuckling Sulu looks!
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And here's an AF I missed that made for a fantastic satirical take on open-source software development. The amount of detail and effort put into this one, even if completely in text form, is amazing.

#Subversion   #Git   #AprilFools  
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+Cindy Brown The comments really were the highlight of the whole thing.  (Though, the "change" itself was brilliant)
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I am normal. Everybody else is insane. (- me, age 11)
What much is there to say? Geek, motorcyclist, geek, opinionated ass, geek, bird-owned*, geek...

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