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Todd Vierling

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+BURGER KING​ location 16171 needs to encourage their employees to study harder in school.
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It's obviously deliberate.  The owner wants to convince customers he's stupid and easily scammed just like Crazy Eddie.
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Todd Vierling

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Another pioneer is lost: William F. Acker, one of the personalities profiled in +Phil Lapsley's Exploding the Phone. He will be missed by many in the telephony and Linux accessibility communities. I wish I'd made the time to get back to our phone conversation we started late last year.

From a mail list post by Kirk Reiser, relayed by Jayson Smith:


Writing to let people know that a long time friend and contributor Bill Acker wb2flw passed away last evening.

Bill was responsible for putting our first Redhat and fedora speakup enabled distributions together. In more recent years he maintained the server where we shared dns services and provided mail and mail backup for many members of the community.

He was an avid ham and phone freak and maintained a freeswitch which many people using voip still use.

I am going to miss him very much. I'm sure others here will as well. He died of complications to his prostate cancer which he's been fighting for the past couple years.

73s Bill. It's been a good journey.

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Todd Vierling

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Yesterday a steak lover told me that my vegetarian foods -- both processed foods and homemade -- have "too much MSG" in them. Honey, you know not what you eat. And you should read the article here which coincidentally was published this week, aimed at the average person rather than doctors or chemists.

For a comparison, there's more glutamate in a single NY strip steak than in several days' worth of what I eat -- including the powdered MSG I add on purpose. Thinking of having a mushroom cheeseburger instead? My dear, you're so in denial.

It would only be more poetic if the same steak lover were just as up-in-arms over aspartame. (Hint: there is more phenylalanine in a steak than in two 2-liter bottles of diet soda.)

Believe in woo and pseudoscience at your own peril!

#science #msg #reality
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Depending on retail market, Accent isn't pure MSG everywhere, though all formulations do include it. Some are spice blends + MSG.

All I now know is, I've missed MSG. It used to be part of what made it easier for me to go vegetarian in the late '90s. And it's still awesome today.
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Todd Vierling

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I'm in tears. We won. Full opinion at

Below from +SCOTUSblog.

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So happy for you and for all of us! 
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Todd Vierling

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Since +LastPass very quickly closed off comments on their own post after seeing how incredibly (and deservedly) negative those comments were, linking the +Ars Technica article instead.

This is a sad day for LastPass. I'm not sure they could have picked a worse company to acquire them.

#LastPass   #Security   #LogMeIn  
LogMeIn promises to preserve LastPass brand, with expanded capabilities.
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+Gretchen S. Nice tumblelog - added to my RSS. :)

What will LogMeIn do with LastPass? No one outside of those companies knows. They could well continue LP in a useful form, but I'm going to be hedging my bets soon for my own safety.
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Todd Vierling

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I had a strange itch to try to find a decent modern dance mix of a classic rock song. There were very few OK candidates (and a whole lot of bad ones) after an hour of trolling youtube and soundcloud, but I think this came closest to scratching that itch.

#remixingtheclassics   #dancemusic  
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Todd Vierling

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This is why I love being one of U.S. Representative John Lewis's constituents: he expresses the importance of common sense in only one sentence.

"Races don’t fall in love, genders don’t fall in love–people fall in love."

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He's old. He talks slow. He hasn't really been the most effective legislator. But the man is a god damned hero, and has in the 20 something years I have been here, cast one vote I disagreed with.
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