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Figured I'd have a go at this...

Of course, a blue variant is a possibility. Don't know why anyone would want that, though. =P

#ingresswear   #ingresswearcontest #simpledesign   #dontjudgeimnotgoodatthis  :)
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Public service announcement:

It's Saint Paddy, not Patty. :)
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Lol I said st Pat in another thread and was still wrong. Hahah.

I don't get the holiday in the first place. Celebrating a fictional character that drove all the snakes from Ireland magically, doesn't make sense. Especially for adults to do it. Lol

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I like free.
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I'm going to put mine tied to balloons and see where it ends up. Then in a bottle in the ocean. Then in a floating thing and into a storm drain. Lol
This lady...
Let's be clear, her attitude is ridiculous and inexcusable.  But as for #LinkedIn requests from total strangers, or even people you know but have never worked with, I share her sentiment.

LinkedIn isn't meant to be Facebook where you just go collect as many friends as you can to satiate your need for popularity.  LinkedIn is a professional network where you connect because you've met people that you need to stay in contact with professionally, or have worked with someone and can vouch for their skill.  I've received many a LinkedIn request that I've flat out denied because I have no idea of how talented this person is at their profession, or have no idea who they even are.  I'm not going to connect to someone that I can't vouch for legitimately, because if I do and they suck, then I look like a moron... something nobody can afford to do in today's competitive labor market.
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Im making a Linkedin just to request her
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Interitus... LOKI...??

(Credit to +Christopher Adams for linking this first)
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At first blush, an NPC third faction seems like it would preserve balance and playability of the game.
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+Sid McFarland they haven't previously, but I'll check on that.

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Those pretty much sum up every party I've been to

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Worth the read. Ridiculous... 
(please comment on the OP)
I just had an outraging chat with +Time Warner Cable online customer support. I highlighted the essence in the middle. This. Is. Unacceptable!!!

Original question: I currently lease a cable modem from TWC. The modem model is RCA DCM425. This model is not on the list of TWC tested and approved modems; however, it clearly functions as needed.
Will I be able to buy my own modem of this exact model and use it with TWC service, saving $$$ on the modem lease? If not, why?
Carol> Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable. At the end of our chat you will be given the option of taking a brief survey. My name is Carol and I would be happy to help you.   
Carol> Hello.
Ilya> Hello
Carol> Let me read your issue.
Carol> May I know the model number of the modem, please?
Ilya> RCA DCM425
Carol> Thank you.
Carol> Let me check that for you.
Carol> Please allow me couple of minutes while I get this information for you. 
Carol> Thank you.
Carol> Thank you for your patience while I continue to research this issue.
Carol> Please access the above link.
Carol> These are the modems which we support.
Carol> You can purchase any from here(as per package).
Ilya> Yes. I included that link in my original question. Here it is again. "Will I be able to buy my own modem of this exact model and use it with TWC service, saving $$$ on the modem lease? If not, why?"
Carol> You will not be able to use this modem because it is not included in the list of modems.
Carol> Time warner cable supports only these modems.
Ilya> Let me reiterate. I am using the Thomson RCA DCM425 modem right now, i.e. to connect to Internet and chat with you. It is clearly technically compatible.
Carol> If you purchase any modem that is not from the above list you will be able to use it but the lease fee will not be waived off.
Ilya> What?
Carol> Yes, that's right.
Carol> The lease fee cannot be waived off.
Ilya> Does this make sense to you?
Carol> Yes, because there are certain codes allotted to every modem in that list which helps us waive off the charge for the leased modem but even if I add this new modem on your account the charge of the lease fee won't go away because that is completely generated by the system.
Ilya> So, if I buy and activate my own modem and return TWC modem to TWC, TWC will still charge me the leasing fee for leasing... nothing?
Carol> Yes.
Carol> All our customers buy modems from our approved list of modems only.
Ilya> Than why is TWC able to use (and lend) modems not on the list?
Carol> Because those are Time warner cable modems.
Ilya> Are Time Warner Cable RCA DCM425 modems any different from RCA DCM425 modems sold on the market?
Carol> There is a different serial number for every modem and these modems are only leased by time warner and cannot be bought from us.
Carol> If the same modem is purchased and added on the system then the system charges a lease fee just like it charges for time warner equipments because both are the same.
Ilya> This is clearly an artificial limitation of the billing system. If the modem, identified by a serial number, does not belong to you, you don't have a right to charge the leasing fee, but you still do. I don't have any further questions. Good bye.
Carol> I apologize but the model numbers are the same even if the serial number is different.
Carol> The same modems are bought by us and we do not give it on lease.
Carol> Is there anything else I can help you with today? 
Ilya> no
Carol> Again, my name is Carol. Thank you for chatting with Time Warner Cable. We value you as a customer and are here to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you would like to take a brief survey, please click on "Close" and the survey will load.

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He should go to a Dodgers or SF Giants game. :-)
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