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Arrigo Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM FIAT Sawgrass Fiat Chrysler Automobiles: Corporate Jeep Jeep Wrangler Please save my JEEP! I'm having separation anxiety! I don't think I was this upset after my divorce. I want my ‪#‎JEEP‬ back! Feeling ‪#‎incomplete‬ ‪#‎JEEPFAMILY‬ ‪#‎JEEPMAFIA‬ ‪#‎JEEPLIFE‬ ‪#‎DEPRESSION‬
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A Letter to Fiat Chrysler Automobile
I am trying to process the intent or reasoning as to why, FIAT had me tow my car to Arrigo Dodge Sawgrass in Tamarac Florida...
Arrigo service department did very little as far as the diagnostic is concerned. I have scanned and attached the diagnostic report.
According to the report: " vehicle does not start."
The vehicle "DID" start, there was a knocking in the engine and an oil leak. They state that there is "NO trouble Found in Engine".
There is "Trouble" in the engine, It's blown!

Test shows battery is "no good". - MY battery was FINE. 

I was told by a FIAT representative, that this is normal wear & tear, that an engine with 135,000 miles will do this. So... am I to understand that a 2008 Jeep Wrangler is NOT worth buying if you intend to use it passed 135K miles? - Is Jeep NOT worth it?

Basically, I bought the car of my dreams, because I thought that Jeep was a sturdy vehicle that could last a life time! A generation of rugged vehicles with a following of outdoor, go out there and live a JEEP kind of life people!

But the reality is, Jeep is NOT the rugged vehicle it is falsely advertised to be and definitely not worth buying, if it has over 80K miles.

Also , what was the purpose of having it diagnosed? 
I reached out to FIAT telling them, the engine was blown and could they help me out. I am a single mother of two, barely making it and can not get to work without a vehicle!
I told you them the problem, they wasted my time, their money getting the Jeep out towed to Arrigo who did absolutely nothing but drain my battery!

Now I have had added expense of another $80 for towing, to get my JEEP back to my house, and IF I can afford it spend another $120 some odd dollars on a new battery!

All to be told;  FIAT Chrysler Jeep couldn't do anything for me because they don't stand by their product, and because I am not the original owner. So Jeep is not worth buying pre-owned?

I now am paying on a car loan, for a lawn ornament! 
Unfortunately,FIAT Corporate Executives don't find it "WORTH WHILE" to help a single mom with an engine! 
FIAT Chrysler Automobiles DO NOT STANDBY their products.
However they can award $45,000.00 to a "lucky" winner for a new vehicle if they can make a promotion out of it.;jsessionid=C4509928E152C314A86FD4D700B4396B?&id=15385&mid=

Thanks FCA for my new lawn ornament, for disappointing a life long fan! - Disgusted consumer!
+Fiat +Jeep  #DisgustedConsumer   #jeepwrangler   #jeeplife   #JeepMafia   #Dissappointed   #lawnOrnament  

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Trip to San Fransisco
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