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Todd Magee
Helping brands engage with their customers through creative marketing & strategy
Helping brands engage with their customers through creative marketing & strategy

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Nice snapshot of the current state and future of Social Media Marketing #socialmediamarketing  

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I just created a community, Portland Maine Creatives. I really don't have an agenda for the group, but thought it could be a good place for creatives to come together and share what's going on around Portland.

Does your business sit down at the end of the year (or throughout the year) and evaluate the past? What does that process look like? Do you set goals and focus for the upcoming year? How do you then communicate the direction to employees/staff/ and clients/customers?

Interested in hearing people's responses!

I'm interesting in hearing what platform people have chosen, the reasons behind their choice, and if there is anything that they would change?

One of my business goals for the new year is to blog more. I believe content is king and it's a great platform to connect with clients.

While I do have some opinions I love hearing and learning from others. Here is a post that I'm toying with (just some bullet points right now):

"Allowing your clients to market for you."
- decrease the barriers that prevent your customers from sharing
- treat your clients like rock stars
- educate them
- be human

Would love to hear what those mean to people and what other ideas they have.

7 months ago I basically stopped using google+ because of the apps UI (on iPhone). The new UI looks great and I'm excited to see some additional features like Communities.

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