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I had an opportunity to hear Sarah Prom present on the topic of #changemanagement  recently -- here are her thoughts on the topic in the form of a blog post... +VITAL WorkLife +Sue Nankivell 
Change Management; From Resistance to Responsiveness

Excellent post on #changemanagement by Sarah Prom of +VITAL WorkLife 

Change and transition are not the same thing. Change is the event or situation. Transition is the process people move through to accommodate the change. Change is often externally imposed, but the transition —how you choose to think about the change – is internal. In most cases, we have little control over the change event, but we have far more control in our transition process. Understanding what makes change difficult for you will help create the awareness necessary to make your personal transition as smooth as possible.
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Todd Lohenry

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Germany rejects Greece's demands for $11 billion of Second World War reparations

Close, but no cigar!

Germany has said a firm “nein” to Greece’s request for $11 billion (£7 billion) of Second World War reparations, calling the new government’s claims “baseless”.

The_ German foreign ministry and Ministry of Finance said there is “no new position” to discuss on the case, which it believes was closed by previous _treaties.

To_ the federal government, the question of compensation for Nazi injustice and atrocities is “finally settled”, according to Bild newspaper.
Germany has said a firm “nein” to Greece’s request for $11 billion (£7 billion) of Second World War reparations, calling the new government’s claims “baseless”.
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Todd Lohenry

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Here are a collection of some of my favorite Sunday morning blog posts curated via +feedly and presented via +Storify -- two of my favorite tools...
Here are some of the blogs and posts I look forward to all week...
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Here's a nice post for my favorite #ginger  Mala maker +Bri Waldeck...
"I connected to a mala from the moment I first held one. The energy and significance I feel when using a mala for meditation is transformational. The mala holds me accountable and stores my best energy. I liken my mala beads to a comfort blanket — they never fail me and they are always there no matter what."
These days, my friends may notice that my wrists and neck are covered with multiple strands of mala beads that I've discovered on my travels. However, my first mala was a rosary. I connected to a
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Xo right back!
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I thought you might like this article +Dawn Ellison -- nice piece on #teamwork  at +Mayo Clinic.
Author and blogger Alana Muller recently shared her impressions of Mayo’s unique way of putting teamwork into practice, which she experienced while accompanying a family member to Rochester.
Read time: 2 minutes When you work at Mayo Clinic, you get used to the idea of teamwork pretty quickly. [...]
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Here's a question that is interesting to me in conjunction with this article; do most healthcare systems allow their providers enough time to actually love their patients? The last time I saw a doctor he spent more time entering data into a computer than being present with me... #healthcarearticles   #physicianburnout  
The key to medicine is to love our patients #ifttt
I have issues with the customer satisfaction paradigm, but it’s not generally hard to make patients happy.
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Todd Lohenry

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Analytics Academy

Shame on me! I didn't know about this great free analytics resource from Google. Thanks, +Christopher Penn !!!

View lessons from Google's digital analytics experts at your own pace.
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@Paul Cameron - this is the friend I was telling you about, in terms of being very good at Google Analytics. Looks like another great tool for the effort.
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Nice post, +Pamela Wible -- I also like your idea of sending a bill to the doctors who make you wait.

I found it here:
"Dear physicians, NPs & PAs: PLEASE rebel when the bean counters try to do this to you.

We write our own stories through the choices we make.

You have the power to say NO!"
A physician in Texas posts this photo on Facebook. Caption: “My schedule one morning in January 2014. Never again . . .” Yay! Another physician breaks free from assembly-line medicine. High-overhead, high-volume offices sacrifice the sacred physicians-patient relationship and perpetuate a ...
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+Todd Lohenry one solution is for the doctors to go independent and not accept health insurance. I will give you one example. My Aunt goes to a doctor that doesn't accept insurance and charges $70 dollars flat rate and spends as much time as needed to answer all your questions. Originally health insurance was meant for only catastrophic events. I believe that is the way it should be today because there is a lot of work that goes into billing the insurance companies for so a simple doctors visit. 
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OMG. How did I miss THIS TEDx talk? +Romie Mushtaq has an excellent TEDx talk on #physicianburnout  that applies to the broader topic of #careerburnout . Hear her thoughts on #mindfulness  and #breathingexercises  as a cure for stress in the workplace...
An excellent TEDx talk on the cause and some cures for #physicianburnout  by +Romie Mushtaq  #careerburnout   #mindfulness   #breathe  
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Where is the link +Todd Lohenry ?
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+Mayo Clinic has been leading the charge this week with great posts about the benefits of standing desks and short, brisk walks. Thanks for the great reminders and for pointing out you don't have to run a marathon for it do actually do some good! #healthyliving  
Just one daily stroll of 20 minutes may reduce a person's risk of premature death, scientists reported Wednesday. "You don’t have to run marathons. Consistent, small doses of exercise like walking are effective," Dr. Edward Laskowski, professor in the department of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Mayo Clinic, and co-director of the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center, added. Read more on Today Health.
Get off your duff and take a walk.  Too harsh? Too much on TV? Too much work? Too bad, because just one energetic, 20-minute stroll each...
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I use a Trek Desk. Love it!
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Todd Lohenry

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As author +Nilofer Merchant so eloquently wrote in the +Harvard Business Review "Sitting is the Smoking of Our Generation". Not only might sitting be killing your productivity it might be killing you. As the evidence mounts, perhaps purchasing departments will being to see standing desks as more of a necessity than a frivolity. Thanks +Mayo Clinic for bringing this issue to the forefront...
The office chair might be killing your productivity. James Levine, an endocrinologist at Mayo Clinic and author of Get Up! Why Your Chair is Killing You, has written that “our bodies are programmed to move... Sitting causes your central nervous system to slow down, leading to fatigue.” Read more in City AM London about the health benefits of moving during the work day.
The health benefits are clear, but there are simpler ways to stay active  
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As +Mayo Clinic  recognizes, we need to be more active. A standing desck is on my wish list:-) #worklifebalance   #healthylivingtips  
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Todd Lohenry

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Great post from +Leo Babauta on the topic of #lovenotes  
Love Notes – by Leo Babauta #ifttt
My family leaves little unintentional loves notes for me all over the place. I’m a bit of a neat freak — I like things decluttered and clean. And so when people in my house leave things around (whi...
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