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I finally wrote that ebook!

Thanks to an excellent post by +James Scherer on +Mike Allton's blog, I finally have written the proverbial ebook that everyone in this space must have. I was challenges for quite some time by wanting to include screencasts in the ebook. James' article suggested using Google Sheets which allowed me to both include YouTube videos and to download it as a pdf solving a problem that I had tried to solve for years at no cost to me.

I'll tell you something similar to what I tell my wife. I tell her 'if only you'd lower your expectations, I could be the man of your dreams'. So, I could be the author of your dreams if you keep YOUR expectations low.

My intention was to create a sort of 'comic book' type guide to thought leadership. My passion in life and the reason why I'm here is to help thinkers get found on the internet by teaching them a 'lather, rinse, repeat' process for finding and sharing great information. Please let me know if you think I accomplished my objective or if I need to go back to the drawing board...

[btw, I highly recommend +James Scherer's well written article if you've been trying to get over that hump, too!]

#thoughtleader #thoughtleadership
Are you considering using ebooks to generate leads or increase your sector authority? They're fantastic resources, but are definitely a bit intimidating… - James Scherer - Google+
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lol...oh THAT big fat button :P I'm on it.
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Todd Lohenry

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Best seo plugins for WordPress?

Without a doubt, the best and most popular SEO plugin for WordPress is WordPress SEO. This solution is comprehensive, has the most features, optimized for easy usability and it just… works. The primary goal of most SEO plugins is to do one thing, to allow you to optimize your content title tag and meta description so that search engine spiders will have a greater understanding of what your content is about.
Looking for ways to increase your chances of ranking well in search engines? These are the best SEO tools you can use for your WordPress website that help.
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Todd Lohenry

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I am still very confused by my relevance results. Can anyone shed any light on this?
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Due to some Google+ changes, the filter (page) does not work for now, maybe  relevance results too ,wait Next release they will fix this next week
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Todd Lohenry

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When I posted yesterday about +Inoreader and I mentioned what a tremendous asset the community is, I really had no idea! Thanks +Marjolein Hoekstra for taking me under your wing and pointing out some of the more advanced features I missed in my screencast. What an amazing tool... #nb  
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Todd Lohenry

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Finnish security firm Klikki Oy uncovered a vulnerability in the WordPress platform that allows hackers to store malicious code in the comments section of… - Ltd - Google+
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It's a newer feature in WordPress. When I went online yesterday to do the update it had already been done...
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Todd Lohenry

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No one speaks more impactfully than +Dike Drummond about the topic of #stress  and #burnout  for #physicians . More importantly, however, is that he's not just flogging the same tired prevalence studies -- he offers solutions and hope for health care providers...
Physician Burnout - the post that started it all at
I wrote this 3 years ago when all you could find on Google was prevalence studies. It has been #1 on Google for Physician Burnout ever since and just as relevant today.

Today there are no more prevalence studies on that search page and we have 6300 physician members in 63 countries around the world. So thankful ... and we are just getting started.
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Todd Lohenry

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Is Google+ Dead or Dying?

Great gratitude to +Mark Traphagen for sharing this! I love +Mike Elgan's rational 'defense' of the platform. A good discussion worth taking the time to view and consider...
This Week in Google on "Is Google+ Dead or Dying?" Fascinating and lively discussion starts at 40:54 by +Leo Laporte, +Mike Elgan, +Danny Sullivan and… - Mark Traphagen - Google+
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+Mark Traphagen I'll note that relatively few organizations were at all interested in my own piece. Having Kevin Anderson's Sankey chart actually helped a lot -- visualizing data really helps drive it home.

Both BI and Boing Boing picked it up of their own accord. BI's verbatim inclusion of my "space alien cat" disclaimer had me in fits for about a half hour, though the reporter also perfectly picked up my meaning: you don't have to trust the source, the data and methods are both freely available.

I remain hugely grateful for you and Eric for having followed through on my "try it yourself" challenge.
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Todd Lohenry

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+Alois Bělaška how long before collections are added to +Friends+Me 
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+Jesse Kawell thank you!
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I'm completely rethinking the traditional web presence model referred to as 'homebase and outposts'. In light of the power of Google + for #seo  
what is the best way to harness this power? Some thoughts here:
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And now you know the rest of the story! Great post from +Mike Allton on all fronts. Curation has existed as long as there have been museums and other collections like them. Done well, curation is an important element of thought leadership...
Curating content is older than you think.

This is still one of my favorite blog posts from my own archive... merging history with contemporary marketing.

If you haven't read it, I think you'll enjoy it.
America joined World War I in April, 1917. With tensions building since 1915, President Wilson finally determined that American interests and lives, increasingly threatened by unrestricted submarine warfare on the part of Germans, required military action. War was declared on Germany, and within a few days America joined its allies in the struggle. However, it would be several months before sufficient troop strength could be mobilized. By March o...
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Thank you! 
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Todd Lohenry

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To the man with a hammer, every problem is a nail

It was interesting to me to track the impact of the Forbes article announcing the death of Google+ last week. It made me think deeply about Google+, why I use it and why it's the perfect social network/tool for me...

Over the past 10 years, I have developed a #thoughtleadership  workflow that works well for me and the thinkers I coach. I call it the 'elevation workflow' because it helps with elevation in the serps. It consists of 9 different stages which you can see in the image.

This morning I came to the conclusion that if I could only use one tool for thought leadership, it would be Google+ as Plus covers all these activities in one place. Of course I could do more -- and I do -- but if I could only use one tool to find and share great information so that I get found, Google+ is that one tool for me. If this kind of thinking intrigues you, please watch this short screencast I put together on the topic and engage with me in the comments below -- I'm very interested in YOUR perspective on this type of thinking. Google+ is MY hammer. See

Oh, and should you find yourself in need of an internet mechanic to set up such a workflow for yourself, I'm happy to help you with that, too! #googleplus   #thoughtleadership   #seo  
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+araou mohammed Comment?
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Email and Minimalism
I'm a big fan of minimalists like +Joshua Fields Millburn+Ryan Nicodemus and +Courtney Carver. Courtney recently posted a Q&A on email minimalizing strategies in which she touched on one of my favorites -- send less email -- although I have yet to find anyone who shares my favorite which is never give your email address to anyone from whom you do not wish to receive email. I know, duh! Right?
Earlier this week I posted a riff on 7 tips for higher productivity in Gmail and had not posted it yet so here is a link to both Courtney's Soundcloud file along with my screencast on Gmail productivity. In my experience, weekends can be a great time to learn a new hack that will serve you well in the following week. Maybe these tips will improve your quality of life! Have a great weekend...
#gmail #minimalism #lifehack #nb
I’m a big fan of Courtney Carver’s blog and recently, she posted on the topic of email in her Q&A. A follower asked: I am lost in my work emails. I always answer the urgent ones first. Email takes a lot of time to read and to process the emotions and the thinking that comes with …
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Basically necessity calls, lol!
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