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Todd Karlen

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Refugee camps are the "cities of tomorrow"
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Todd Karlen

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THAT is freaking amazing Mr. Toddage!!
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Todd Karlen

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Remember that crazy guy who cut his own incomes to pay for a guaranteed $70K base pay for his employees? Remember how everyone predicted the sky would fall?

Well, uh, nope. At least not yet. Here's an update:

Is there a magic number that keeps workers focused while still generating a profit? Price calculated a figure but never imagined the publicity he's gotten would boost new customer inquiries from 30 per month to 2,000 within two weeks. Customer acquisition costs are typically high, so in that sense, the strategy has paid off. And in this business, customer retention is key. Gravity's 91 percent retention rate over the past three years -- far above the industry average of about 68 percent -- has been crucial to its success. Maria Harley, Gravity's vice president of operations, looks at a different set of numbers. While the company had to hire 10 more people than anticipated to handle the new business, most nonlabor costs -- rent, technology, etc. -- have remained the same, thus improving operating ratios. "We don't need our sales to double," she says. "We only need them to increase marginally -- by about 25 to 30 percent. When I started being more logical than emotional about this, I said, 'This is totally possible.'"

Six months after Price's announcement, Gravity has defied doubters. Revenue is growing at double the previous rate. Profits have also doubled. Gravity did lose a few customers: Some objected to what seemed like a political statement that put pressure on them to raise their own wages; others feared price hikes or service cutbacks. But media reports suggesting that panicked customers were fleeing have proved false. In fact, Gravity's customer retention rate rose from 91 to 95 percent in the second quarter. Only two employees quit -- a nonevent.

Dan Price decided to pay all 120 employees at least $70,000. Grown men cried. Profits soared. Then things got really crazy.
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Todd Karlen

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You are awesome sauce +Todd Karlen!! In fact, you are a slice of awesome pie a la mode with awesome sauce whipped up on top of it :)
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Todd Karlen

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A little humor for ya !
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Haha! nice one...
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Todd Karlen

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Cute friendship ...

Couldn't find the exact source but ... yeah ... I am going to need a bear friend.
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Todd Karlen

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Todd Karlen

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Something else that should be noted....paying attention to something is a form of thought.  All thoughts are doorways of perception.  It is the belief (program) that you attach to that thought (paying attention) that creates the experience in the first place.  In actual first perceive (believe) that the "something or person" annoys you, creating the very energy that creates the end result.  There is no annoyance..... it's fabricated from you.  Remove the perception that it's annoying in the first place and it removes it's existence from the collective consciousness.

Above from a dream I had early this morning that I awoke from :)

Below's post via +Evan Griffith 
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That is profound, Todd (your thoughts!). So many times when I clean up my perception, the situation cleans up on its own accord. Or is it on my accord ;-))
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Todd Karlen

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The title is misleading, as there is no Jimi, but a nice little jam.
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Todd Karlen

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Fantastic Service. Before coming to Minit Automotive we had our car looked at the same neighborhood automotive shop that we always went too. They gave us a price to repair our car 800.00 and something. And then the next day I was getting the oil changed next door at Minit Lube and thought I'd come over to Minit Automotive and get a quote from them. Instead of replacing the "mass air flow sensor" which is what our local shop in Oakridge S.W. said needed to be done, Minit Automotive said that it can be just taken apart and cleaned. 125.00 is what it cost us. I told them the other quote we got and they told us, "Yes, some shops are just lazy and would rather replace it then do the work" So then when it came to my Truck needing some repair work, I did the same thing just out of curiosity. Sure enough our local shop has been bumping prices and creating extra work for themselves. Essentially taking our hard earned money. Minit Automotive repaired my truck at what I consider a fare price. Tamara and Bill are fantastic. They're honest, and have got our business for good.
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fantastic coffee fantastic food and even better, fantastic service !!
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I haven't been there, but look forward to it in the future...Beautiful Work !!
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Dr. Ray Hulbert and Kendra Sharp Hulbert, Are absolutely fantastic in every sense of the word. They are compassionate and are extremely interested in your health in all areas. Including diet, mind, body and spirit. You get the full meal deal with them. I highly recommend seeing them if you have any areas in your health that you need improving. I Learned with the correction in the spine they helped me achieve and the nutrition that they introduced me to, along with the exercises, I am walking today and have 10 times the energy. Thanks Dr, Ray and Dr. Kendra
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