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Strawberry picking with Barretts.
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This is fun because the expert nails it, so it's possible to do so, but That Dude You Know Who Talks A Lot (heeyyyyy) ... not so much. 

My Google people are mostly not on Twitter, but I'd encourage reading Kelly Ellis's timeline between here and here and reflecting on this comment from a G+ post (sadly, you can't link directly to comments on G+): 

"LOL if we make enough donations to girls who code, it won't matter if we promote men who we know are problematic, right?! PIPELINE"

Few enough companies are good at this (ours certainly hasn't been perfect), but it's good to know what to look out for. 

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Hilarious talk by the dude who writes these hilarious pieces for Usenix:

From that PDF: As I paced the hallways, muttering Nixonian rants about my code, one of my colleagues from the HCI group asked me what my problem was. I described the bug, which involved concurrent threads and corrupted state and asynchronous message delivery across multiple machines, and my coworker said, “Yeah, that sounds bad. Have you checked the log files for errors?” I said, “Indeed, I would do that if I hadn’t broken every component that a logging system needs to log data. I have a network file system, and I have broken the network, and I have broken the file system, and my machines crash when I make eye contact with them. I HAVE NO TOOLS BECAUSE I’VE DESTROYED MY TOOLS WITH MY TOOLS. My only logging option is to hire monks to transcribe the subjective experience of watching my machines die as I weep tears of blood.”

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+Tim Hopper​ wrote a post for +Lars Otten​.

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That's my dude.
Okay, Google did a nice auto-awesome here.

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Google still trying to make this a thing.

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The Aftershocks: Seven of Italy’s top scientists were convicted of manslaughter following a catastrophic quake. has the country criminalized Science?

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Gonna be mad if I can't get in this beta.

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Hood to Coast and Seaside. Google did a great job with this one.
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