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Todd Ebersviller
I’m a technology addict, but with a long last name.
I’m a technology addict, but with a long last name.

I picked up a Surface Pro 3 today, and I'm impressed.  I have loved my Surface Pro (1st gen), but they have really made a lot of improvements.  Better keyboard, very flexible viewing angles, great battery life, finally a spot for the stylus, fantastic display, etc.

Microsoft has actually impressed me a lot on the last few years.  Azure has matured a lot and has a much more complete service offering, PowerShell continues to be in a class of its own, they are opening up and embracing open source in a big way, and they are fixing a lot of the initial migration pains of adopting a touch based OS.  They have a lot of challenges to overcome, but I'm looking forward to seeing what Nadella does over the next five years.

My disappointment with +Google grows yet again.  I was thrilled when Google bought Urchin, but their loyal customers were essentially forced to hand that data over to Google Analytics if we wanted to continue to receive fantastic log analysis.  

I was then thrilled to sign up to use Google Apps to provide personalized email for my family.  I was only mildly annoyed that Google Apps didn't allow me to pay just for select accounts that I wanted to upgrade.  That frustration only increased when Google announced you were cutting off Exchange ActiveSync support for those accounts.

I was disappointed, but not surprised when Google's "Froogle" price search engine just became a comparison engine for companies willing to write you a check.  

Then I read that Google wouldn't be developing any native Windows 8 or Windows Phone applications.  I understand, but again I was disappointed.

Now you announced an end to Google Reader, which has helped me read over over 100,000 items since 2006..

I'm grateful for the fantastic service that I've enjoyed for years, but I can't help but be disappointed about the decisions that are being made time and time again.

I would be a lot less upset with Google about their decision to drop EAS / Google Sync on free Google Apps accounts if they allowed you a means to upgrade just certain users to a paid subscription. I'm a huge fan of Google, but these recent changes have been planned very poorly.

Interesting. Google Plus crashed on startup after enabling two factor authentication. Anyone else notice that? iOS 5.5.1

It worked smoothly after launching it again and re-authenticating.

MicroCenter has some great deals on new motherboard/CPU combos. An Intel i7 3820 is $230 on sale ($300 on Amazon and NewEgg) and I picked up an Asus P9X79 PRO motherboard for $264 ($305 at NewEgg). Plus by buying both at the same time they give you a $50 combo purchase discount. You just have to ask for it, it's in their latest ad.

It's not Ivy, but it's incredible performance for a great deal. Not to mention 8 DIMM slots (64 GB capacity), hello Hyper-V and ESXi meet your new home lab!
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