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Looking for pennies on the sidewalk
Looking for pennies on the sidewalk

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+Google Express Fail ( and they don't very often!) -- They charged me sales tax when I ordered my supplies from Costco -- At no time during the order process did google explain that the items would be shipped from Washington (vs Oregon which they suggested would happen due to the local Bend Oregon costco). I met my minimum order and now find that I've been charged $4.10

Why would I order products and pay sales tax??????

I called the google express customer service line and all he could do was credit my full charge back. I explained that when items are mailed from out of state to Oregon ( sales tax free state) no sales taxes are charged. I referenced my Google Home transaction of today as an example -- Ordered via the internet, purchased from Google, product shipped from CA to Oregon and no sales tax charged.

I told the CSA that all I wanted was the $4.10 -- not the full charge refunded. I asked to speak to a supervisor -- was advised only 1 on the floor and that he might be able to find him/her but it would take a least 10 minutes. I requested a call back from the supervisor.

Wish me well!

#googleexpressfail #googleexpress 

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As some of you know -- I travel a bit and the following device should allow my family to track me while on my jaunts out and about.  Sometimes I start off going to one destination and end up at another.  If you are in a similar situation or need to place a geo fence around an important object consider the following link:

#itraq   #travel   #geofence   #wherethehellamI  

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Beautiful day in Sisters Oregon at the Sunday Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show event at +FivePine Lodge & Conference Center​

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San Lorenzo de El Escorial, also known as El Escorial de Arriba June 16 201t

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Pano of "The Chair of Philip II (with a  pre-Roman source).  Near San Lorenzo de El Escorial Spain.  Great hike and wonderful time around town and at the Monastery. 
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Breaking in our new travel shoes.

Fun Sunday .... After looking at and selecting but not reserving 3 Jacob Sheep [ ] we headed to John Day Fossil Beds to hike the Blue Basin Trail. We need some time to seriously think about sheep ownership. Great day hike ending in a swim in the John Day river. After the "refreshing" dip we headed to a favorite frame shop in Michelle, Oregon. [ ]

Warning -- Don't do this hike in August without plenty of water and a great hat!

Read more about the trail here: "The Blue Basin Overlook Trail is one of the most colorful spots in Central Oregon. Seriously. It’s blue. Managed by the National Park Service, Blue Basin Overlook Trail is part of the John Day Fossil Beds – Sheep Rock Unit. This 3-mile loop trail is strenuous in spots, hot in the summer and beautiful to behold. Dogs are meant to be kept on leashes for this hike, and packing water and a poop bag is recommended." ..... [ ]

More about Jacob Sheep: -- Yep we are silly to become sheep herders .... oh boy! ... actually, 3 ewes.
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Grizzly Peak, Ashland Oregon photoshere 

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When great customer service is "over the top."  Or is it SPOT ON? 

Routine: Monday morning drive to the design studio to work (and play) with a stop at Target to pick up the weekly allotment of yogurt, strawberries and protein bars. If you have ever been in a Target store around 8am then you know that they have 20+ employees restocking the shelves from the busy weekend trade. Each week I play the game of how many eager and smiling employees ask me one of the many questions: Can I help you? Did you find everything? Let me know if you need assistance. etc. I know they are just doing their job and most if not all are genuine in their offer to help. It just gets a little old.

Over the last couple Mondays I just looked down at the floor and try to avoid the interaction. Today, I changed it up and decide to have a fun time with it. I slowly walked the 100-200 feet from the cash register area to the fresh vegetable section and was greeted by no less than 8 Targeteers. All dressed in khaki pants and red shirts, smiling with offers to help and my reply was simply -- "Thanks but I think I have it -- just looking for strawberries." I arrive in the strawberries section and they have none, zero, zip, nada. The shelf was empty. I turn to the produce guy that I see every week and we exchange a glance.

What do you think I expected to come out of his mouths?

Nope -- Wrong.

He says to me ... "Nice to see you again this week. I have the strawberries over on the pallet. What size do you want? the two or four pound box?"

Spot on! #target  
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