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Todd Dosenberry

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"It is not the length of life, but the depth of life." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

That Emerson guy was pretty smart. Remember that it's also not about the number of your connections, but the depth at which you connect. Remember that when you're tempted to play the "who has more followers" game. 

This will probably turn into a more extensive blog post at So if this resonates with you, please add your thoughts and I may feature you in the full blog post!

[side note: 5min]

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Todd Dosenberry

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Travel hacking has allowed me the following flights for virtually no cost. Several were booked just hours before take off.

-Honolulu to Chicago | $5
-Chicago to Honolulu | $5
-Honolulu to Grand Rapids and back to Honolulu | $85 (booked within -72 hours of take off)
-Honolulu to Cancun | $41 (for PrimalCon Tulum!)
-Cancun to Minneapolis | $50
-Minneapolis to Seattle | $77.50 (booked within 24 hours of take off)
-Seattle to Honolulu | Free
-Honolulu to Austin | $5 (April 7 for PaleoFX!)

To sum up the savings: I paid a grand total of $268.50. Without miles, I would of paid a minimum of $3500 and possibly more than $4000.

Are you worried about credit cards? Interest?

I was one of the idiots who went into $10K in credit card debt by making stupid purchases. Then I paid it off. 100% of it. I waited a few months and then began travel hacking. I currently have 15 active credit cards but haven't paid a penny in interest since I paid off my previous debt.

What are you waiting for?
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Todd Dosenberry

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+Todd Dosenberry Preach!!
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Todd Dosenberry

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Hey friends, my partner and I need your help! Which sounds better for our next project:


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Kinda depends on what you are trying to do. Thrivenow sounds a bit too much like a cheesy self-help program. Thrivedaily seems like a daily tip or newsletter name for me. 
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Todd Dosenberry

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Happiness is free. Happiness is right in front of you. Happiness comes from your heart.
The Best Things in Life Are Free.  

Good to remember in a world mostly driven by money and worldly success.  (eh +Shannon Lim & +Krithika Rangarajan .)

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are you happy?
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Todd Dosenberry

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Biggest #truth  bomb on the entire planet. I'll go further and say that there are MORE nutritional systems as there are people on the planet. What YOU should eat is constantly changing let alone different then the stranger you just passed on the street or your best friend.
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Todd Dosenberry

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I clicked on this link in an email: "today at 4:15 CST" to add the event to my calendar and guess what?! Google thinks that means 12:15 my time here in Hawaii but it's wrong! It's going to be 11:15 am here when it's 4:15 pm CST.

Bwhahahahaha :)
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Another fail: My cover photo has disappeared!
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Todd Dosenberry

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Love this!
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This is why I travel hack. Check out this itinerary that I just booked within the hour.

-Flight from Minneapolis to Seattle tonight 7:10pm to 9:05pm
-Lodging within .2 miles of Seattle airport tonight
-Flight from Seattle to Honolulu via Hawaiian Airlines leaves tomorrow at 8:45 am.
-3 nights lodging in Waikiki

Final cost? $234.52. 

I'm serious!!

#travel   #travelhacking   #hawaii  
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Ahhh?? We wanna travel hack to NYC haha
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Aloha! I’m Todd Barrett Dosenberry, better known as Toad. I am a man of many things, but this used to not be so as I once even described my life as “uneventful.” This was a few years ago and I’ve grown immensely over the past years, especially during this current year of 2013.

For nearly 4 years, I blogged over at Blogging and being involved in the Paleo community has changed my life forever. However, my philosophy on health, especially nutrition, has significantly evolved over the past year and my passions go way beyond health which is why I’ve started this new blog.

A Toad on the Road is hilarious. I mean, think about it: a toad on the road. What image does this give you? When my sister Laurenda Marie Bennett (that’s a link to her new blog!) presented this name (originally without the ‘a’ but the domain was taken!) to me less than 2 weeks ago, I most definitely smiled and laughed. And my other sister, Alisha, fell in love with it, too.

Thus, was born.

More coming soon!
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