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+BJ Smith​

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RIP Socrates "Johnson" Colstrom, Summer 1998 - October 11, 2014. A good kitty and a good friend. 

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Passing on the request...
Spread the word please.  A fellow Marine is asking for help. 

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OK, that's pretty cool.

Just a quick heads-up, the text on the one-day registration looks a little off ( Most likely just from a copy-paste from one to the next that needs to be cleaned up.

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For those of us who can't be there...

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If you are into dice rings (remember this?, then you may want to know that these guys now have their site up and running and ready to take orders (

Oh, except that apparently a lot of people are into dice rings and since early this morning when the email announcement came out their site has been temporarily crushed under the weight of the generated traffic. The price of success I guess.

So I got a gift card at a local Microsoft training event (yay, first time I've ever one anything at one of those) for the MS store (we have one locally in KC). I figured I've always wanted a really good gaming mouse and keyboard, so I'd get these:

So on 6/12, I called before I left work to see if they were in stock and was told they were. I wasn't able to get there that night, but the next day at lunch I drove there (about 10 miles from where I work) only to be told they didn't have any of the keyboards in stock after all.

I ask when they will be back in stock.

Me - Do you know when more will be in?

awkward pause

MS Dude I need to ask the inventory guy who is at lunch.

awkward pause

Me - Do you know when he'll be back?
MS Dude - Oh, I'll check the schedule.


MS Dude - He left about 20 minutes ago.

At this point I decide to assume he was on an hour long lunch break and left after leaving my email address for him to email me and buying the mouse (which I do like a lot).

On a whim, I call back that afternoon to see if they have the keyboard in stock and the person I talked to said they did. Then I called back the next day, just to see what the answer would be and I was finally connected with an inventory specialist who said they stopped carrying that keyboard in store about a month ago. Sigh. So no one else in the store apparently knows what they actually do or do not carry.

But, he offered to get one ordered in for me, so that was nice. BTW, in case anyone is wondering, no I couldn't just order it from the web site. You see, the MS store web site cannot take MS store gift cards. Insert facepalm here.

So I get a follow-up email from the inventory guy saying the expected delivery date to the store is 6/25 and they will email me when it gets there.

So yesterday (6/25) afternoon I send a quick email asking if the keyboard had come in or if they expected it later in the week.

No reply.

I call this afternoon (6/26) and am told that the new expected arrival date is 7/2.

So what started as a happy thing (winning a gift card) has become quite the hassle. And note that between the mouse and the keyboard, I am spending over the value of the gift card, so they are getting some actual money from me. Money I've been trying to give them for 2 weeks and won't be able to give them for another week at least.

Bottom line... if they don't have it in stock at the Microsoft store, don't bother unless you are forced into it by having a gift card.

Being nice to the guy next door all the neighbors proclaim the grumpy guy: free
Doing just a little better job on the yard work because you know it matters to him: a little bit of effort
Saving 1-2 hours of snow shoveling because the "grumpy guy" walks over with his snow blower: priceless

The moral: just be a good neighbor and nice to people. You might be surprised what it gets for you when you least expect it.

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Updated the Tehluah map. Changed the river systems slightly based on some feedback from +Fantastic Maps  (thanks) and added labels for the mountain ranges.
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