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Todd Carter
Priest of the Catholic Diocese of Trenton. Also enjoys nerdy things.
Priest of the Catholic Diocese of Trenton. Also enjoys nerdy things.

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5th grader: Did Noah and his family eat any of the animals on the ark?
Me: Yeah, they ate the unicorn.
5th grader: WHAT?
Me: And the chimera.
5th grader: How is that possible? It has a snake head!
Me: And they ate a dragon, too.
5th grader: Are you serious?
Me: Of course not!


Question of the day

3rd Grader: Fr. Carter, why did Adam and Eve trust a talking a snake?

I was honestly stumped. :)

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Me: What season is it?
3rd grader: Advent.
Me: What color do we wear?
3rd grader: Purple.
Me: Do we ever wear a different color?
3rd grader: Yeah, pink.
Me: Does anyone know what we call the Sunday that we wear pink? It's name starts with "g."
3rd grader: Glossary!

They were doing so well, too. :)

Can anyone find any holes in this? 

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I sympathize with XKCD today.

I spent my Halloween at my very first High School Kairos retreat. It was an awesome experience hearing many of the student leaders express their faith and I can tell a lot of hearts were healed.

"When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”
C.S. Lewis

My pastor yesterday said, "Doctor Who? Isn't that an old show?"

Apparently he didn't hear that it started again a decade ago. 

I came back from the auto-repair garage and they found nothing wrong with my car.

So, why was my car smoking on Sunday? I think my car was holding a conclave!


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Bishop-elect Baron tells a story connecting Colbert to Tolkien to Cardinal Newman. But, the story is really about God's providence. Worth watching.
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