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Todd B. Bates
Science Communicator at Rutgers University, former Asbury Park Press environmental and investigative reporter, @ByToddBBates
Science Communicator at Rutgers University, former Asbury Park Press environmental and investigative reporter, @ByToddBBates

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Smartphone Interruptions: Are Yours Relentless and Annoying?

Rutgers study reveals that personality traits influence and help predict receptiveness to smartphone notifications

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Super Resolution Imaging Helps Determine a Stem Cell’s Future

Rutgers’ Prabhas Moghe and other scientists create new way to identify the state and fate of stem cells

Oil and Gas Wastewater Spills, including Fracking Wastewater, Alter Microbes in West Virginia Waters

Rutgers’ Nicole Fahrenfeld leads research documenting impacts in stream water and sediments from a wastewater disposal facility

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Attacking the Flu by Hijacking Infected Cells

Rutgers’ Laura Fabris to play key role in federal project to fight influenza virus

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Rutgers Develops Eco-Friendly Concrete

Rutgers’ Richard Riman invented energy-efficient technology that could help limit climate change

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How Evolution Alters Biological Invasions

Rutgers graduate student Cara Faillace and Professor Peter Morin studied evolution in models of invaded ecosystems

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Toxic Mercury in Aquatic Life Could Spike with Greater Land Runoff

Rutgers’ Jeffra Schaefer helped conduct study on the potential impact of climate change and rising methylmercury levels on the marine food web

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Space-Age Challenge: Healing Broken Bones, Wounds and Internal Organs

Rutgers’ Ronke Olabisi is trying to develop biomaterials that can speed healing in space and on Earth

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Regional Sea-Level Scenarios Will Help Northeast Plan for Faster-than-Global Rise

Global sea level could rise by as much as 8 feet by 2100 in a worst-case scenario, according to federal report coauthored by Rutgers’ Robert E. Kopp

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Tallying the Social Cost of Climate-Changing Carbon Dioxide

Rutgers’ Robert E. Kopp served on a National Academies committee that explored the controversial topic
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