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KitKat will make your SD Card completely useless: per the Android API specification, apps can no longer write files to your SD card.  And Samsung is following it.

This only applies to dual-storage devices, i.e., devices with a user-writable internal flash storage AND a removable SD card.

From http://source.android.com/devices/tech/storage/index.html:

"The WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission must only grant write access to the primary external storage on a device. Apps must not be allowed to write to secondary external storage devices, except in their package-specific directories as allowed by synthesized permissions."

If your device has user-accessible internal flash storage, your SD Card is a "secondary external storage device".

What this means is that with KitKat, applications will no longer be able create, modify, or remove files and folders on your external SD card.  As a for-instance, you can no longer use a file manager to copy files from your computer to the SD card over a network.  This ability, which has existed since the beginning of Android, has been taken away.

The only stated reason for this removal of functionality is that, "Restricting writes in this way ensures the system can clean up files when applications are uninstalled."  I do not pretend to understand this logic.  Apps are still allowed to write in arbitrary directories on the primary storage (with the appropriate permission), but are denied the same access to external storage.

Samsung has implemented this feature with their KitKat OTA updates.  Note3 users are now complaining that FX File Explorer can no longer write to their external SD cards.  There are solutions to this problem for users with root access.  Users without root access appear to be screwed.

I'm not quite certain how Google intends for you to place files on your SD card.  Perhaps you have to use proprietary Google apps that contain permissions unavailable to the rest of the developer world.  Perhaps you're supposed to put everything on the cloud and pay carrier data fees to get it there.  Perhaps you're supposed to use some kind of WIRE to attach your WIRELESS device to your computer and have the computer do that work for you.

In my opinion this is a horrible misstep by Google and the Android Open Source Project.  Functionality has been removed without reason, to the severe detriment of users and developers alike.

I apologize for not bringing this to everyone's attention when KitKat 4.4 was released, but it was not mentioned in the Android 4.4 changes document: http://developer.android.com/about/versions/android-4.4.html.  It's only mentioned in the article on source.android.com.  I was only made aware of its existence from user reports as a result of Samsung implementing this change in its KitKat OTA updates.
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IIRC, Google never wanted dual storage devices anyway, but this sucks for non rooted users. There's a reason Nexus devices switched to internal storage only. 
The problem should exist regardless of mountpoint, assuming that the Android firmware obeys the specification.
I just update my Galaxy Note 3 to KitKat, then was irritated when I couldn't use QuickPic to move some pictures to a folder on my external SD. I also tried using a file manager, but of course that also failed. I had to connect the device to a PC, then copy the files from the device to a folder on the PC, then copy them back to the folder I wanted them on in the SD card. Ridiculous.

I see that the Camera app CAN write to the external SD just fine. photos are still going to the DCIM folder on my external SD card.
ES File Explorer is able to copy files from internal SD to external SD just fine without root.
ES was also able to do this on Google Play Edition devices for a while, then an update killed it.  I'm not certain what they were using to do it, but I don't believe it's in the standard API.   One workaround is that the media content API will let you create and delete files in any directory, but creating/removing directories is not possible.
The camera app and other system apps can write to the secondary-storage/SD card because they have the WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE ("Modify/delete internal media storage contents") permission.  This permission is only granted to system apps that request it.  User installed apps can request the same permission but the system will ignore it.  The Samsung file manager gets this permission, so you may be able to use it to do what you need (while not being at all anti-competitive :)).  

Here's a screenshot of the apps that get this permission on a stock Verizon Note3 (stock ROM):  http://android.nextapp.com/content/fx/external/MediaWrite.png
Thanks for the info. This "feature" is certainly very irritating. I hope the folks at XDA come up with a way to root the Note 3 under KitKat.
Oh sorry, just seen you have commented on ES file manager above :) Found out their trick?
If you're only storing game data, you can still write to /Android/data/your.package.name.   Regrettably if they uninstall your app (even for an moment), it's all gone.  You should still be able to read arbitrary locations on the card, so you can copy (but not move) it in there.

I don't know if it still works on KitKat with secondary storage and I wouldn't recommend it in any case, but you may be able insert new files on the SD card using the Media content provider (e.g. insert a row at URI  MediaStore.Images.Media.EXTERNAL_CONTENT_URI) and write data to the returned URI via ContentResolver.openOutputStream().  I'd recommend against doing so in production, but I'm curious to see if it still works.  This mechanism can also delete items (there's a DB trigger that will kill the corresponding real file when rows are deleted).  There doesn't appear to be a means of creating/removing directories though.  And again, not a fan of solutions like this even if they do work...there's nothing to say they won't be removed in future releases.
Thanks for the reply. Yes for normal games this is possibly OK, however these are ports of PC games, they require the user to copy over a load of game data, then the game uses this directory to run in, save games, settings etc. Its all C/C++ so URI stuff is not really possible.
This update is really going to break a LOT of apps, and annoy a LOT of users. I hope the manufacturer's (Samsung) get a lot of complains and decide to fix KitKat to allow access.
Anyway good luck with it all!
I've devised a possible solution here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=50008987

Any help testing on that would be appreciated, bear in mind it should be considered very experimental at present.  I'm currently only able to test it on a VZW Note 3 on Jelly Bean where I've restricted permissions to behave as they would on KitKat.
Hi, Tod,

This workaound is ok for Android 4.3 but does not work on Android 4.4. I have tried it on G Pad 8.3 Google Play Edition.

I am also finding the solutions now. Your fix may work because of the logic of MediaProvider.java class. But on Android 4.4 this class has fixed this behavior.

You can find the change at following link: http://grepcode.com/file/repository.grepcode.com/java/ext/com.google.android/android-apps/4.4_r1/com/android/providers/media/MediaProvider.java#MediaProvider.checkAccess%28android.net.Uri%2Cjava.io.File%2Cint%29

It does not allow to write to external sd card using media provider any more. You can find the comment like this: "// don't write to non-cache, non-sdcard files."

I am also studying new DocumentProvider now but it is also permission protected. "android.permission.MANAGE_DOCUMENTS" is a system level permission:(
Good work on the investigation guys. Is it not illegal for a manufacture to remove a hardware feature after the sale? I would say removing write access to the SDCard the same as (major) feature removal. I think Samsung must roll out another update soon to re-enable access.
+Allen Wang Thanks for looking into this, that certainly looks like a showstopper for the media content provider workaround.  I would be curious to know if this is also the case on a TouchWiz phone.  I'd imagine the behavior is the same, as I doubt Samsung would make modifications at that level.  
+Emile Belanger I don't know the legality of it.  I am pretty amazed they did it, then again I'm shocked Google added it to the API in the first place.   It's anti-user and anti-developer.  Google, the phone manufacturer, and your cellular carrier--all the parties making the decisions--are not affected.  Users tend to blame app developers first, which of course doesn't improve my mood on this one bit :).   And the decision making parties are well aware of this.

In the event this can't be worked around, my solution looks like this: http://android.nextapp.com/content/fx/external/MediaFail.png.  That text needs to be modified a bit, e.g. it should read that it, "affects all applications except those installed by Google, your device manufacturer, and your cellular carrier."   A "Tip" dialog will also be appearing on all KitKat+ phones with a media card when FX starts (with a default "don't show again" checkbox).
And one more question...anyone here tried the experimental build of FX that uses has the mediafile workaround in place?: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=50028014&postcount=2008

If you do, make sure you enable this experimental feature in the "File Management" section of the settings.  Please then try the following tasks on the external SD card:

* Create a file (or copy a file to the external SD card).
* Create a directory.
* Delete a file
* Delete a directory.
* Rename a file. (Should fail, not supported by FX)

And to those who mentioned ES, does that actually work on 4.4?  How does it fare with the above 5 tasks?
I just installed the 4.4.2 update on my Sprint Galaxy S4 and was immediately horrified to learn of this issue... I just tried ES and I am able to create and delete a file, but not edit it or rename it, and I am able to delete a folder, but not create one (unable to try renaming a folder).  As I think you noted, the build-in file manager is able to do it all, but without the SMB support that FX or ES offer I'm in a real bad place (and, I expect FolderSync to be broken as well, and I have that set to run every night and that's the biggest loss for me at this point).
Hey Tod, I noticed your app doesn't declare the WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE permission... I noticed this after I had the bright idea of converting FX to a system app via Titanium... I figured if it declared the permission, in theory, it should work, since as I understand it, only user apps are prohibited from getting that permission now, but of course it didn't work... obviously not a generic solution since it requires root, but I wonder, can you validate the theory?  If you declare the permission in your manifest, do root users at least then have an "out" to getting back to the previous operation?
I think having that permission and being a /system app are the requirements, but I've not thoroughly investigated/tested it.

The best solution for rooted users though is to modify  /system/etc/permissions/platform.xml.  Just add <group gid="media_rw"/> inside the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission element, i.e., directly below the <group gid="sdcard_rw"/> line.

Example: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2617921

I'm just looking for solutions for non-root users (getting several emails a day now about this problem).  I never actually mention/suggest rooting to them unless they indicate they have root access.
Yep, I discovered the root fix a few minutes ago over at xda, worked like a charm. Agreed though, certainly not a generic answer. 
The biggest impact on me is being able to copy from my network shared folder. What I'm doing to work around this on my Galaxy Note 3 is to copy the files from the network folder into my built-storage using FX File Explorer and then move them to external microSD card using Samsung's My Files file manager. Cumbersome and requires free space on your built-in storage but at least it works without root.
Fucking Google and fucking Android. That's not an opensource project if Google is deciding what the users should do and what they shouldn't. Android development is closed, the license is non-copyleft, so that's not true FOSS.

And it started at least when Google decided to remove UMS, and in fact maybe even earlier.

a) Having OTA updates enabled is insane today - newer Android versions only add more restrictions, DRM modules, selinux, knox and etc. There's NO new features.
b) Having a non-rooted device is idiotic and should make you feel like an apple user, because that means a device you don't control at all.
+Виталий Филиппов I don't think the removal of USB mass storage was all that evil, but certainly understand what you're saying.  USB mass storage had to go as they wanted to move away from using a FAT filesystem for the internal storage, which does make sense.  

This move (the elimination of user SD card write access) is a bit more "unique".  I've never seen Google take such a misstep before with Android.  The claimed reasons of being able to cleanly uninstall all app data and protecting access on multiuser systems don't measure up.  

The removable media card should be a world-writable mass storage device (for apps that declare the correct permissions).  Desktop computers handle removable media this way by default (at least on Linux, OS X, and Windows).  If the user is able to physically remove the media, there's not much point in trying to protect it.
Why didn't Google simply require that people reformat their flash cards with a proper file system, like F2FS or ext2/3/4, where file ownership and protection works just the same as the rest of the OS's file spaces?

Then youd have file spaces for music, movies, ebooks, documents etc which can be shared amongst apps which have a genuine reason to read or read-write the files.

Ok, so you can't take the memory card out and put in a windows or mac computer without a file system driver, but there's still MTP; and I'm sure it's not beyond the wit of Google to improve the linux ext3 or ext4 file system drivers for OSX or Windows.
+Paul Mansfield I agree that would have been the correct solution (if there was actually a problem), but my understanding is that Google doesn't like the idea of dual storage devices at all.  Bear in mind there was no API for dual storage access between Eclair (Android v2.1, API level 7) and Jelly Bean MR2 (Android v4.3, API level 18).  I mention Android 2.1 because I believe that's when the first dual storage device (HTC Incredible, gen 1) entered the market.  Twelve API revisions over 3.5 years, with most popular phones adopting dual storage, and in all that time they never bothered to even consider addressing the issue for developers.

In a nutshell, I don't think they care.

I've developed an app for root users to resolve the issue.  This uses the standard "fix" or reverting the /system/etc/permissions/platform.xml to allow apps with WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to belong to the Android UNIX group "media_rw".  It modifies that file using XML APIs to add just this specific permission, rather than pasting something new over the top of it.

XDA Thread is here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2684188

No Play Store upload yet, currently APK must be downloaded directly (see XDA thread for details).
That's great! I hope this will work on Sony devices too.
+Paul Mansfield there is no ext4 support on uSD because exfat is a proprietary tech by MSFT and Sandisk, google/moto contest that patent, in the meantime fat32 is used for reading to the PC, windows doesnt play well with ext systems, this is why if you dualboot like i do i can't see my ubuntu files from windows but i can access the ms partition in ubuntu. this is how MS gets monies from android, the patent to allow the storage to be read like a usb under windows. remember the JB stuff that it wouln't read files to the PC? and how some OEMs have suites to transfer files to the PC? its related. this is also why even the low lumia 520 can support 128GB cards and next month, get apps to install on the uSD. all with the competition between MSFT and GOOG. fortunately i'm rooted and cm11 has this ux bug sorted out.
+Vita Vidaurre you can format an SD card as ext4, f2fs or any filesystem, you don't have to leave it as FAT, exFat.
It's only by convention and for convenience people keep them as FAT filesystem format.

On my 32G card, I have set aside 3GB which is ext3, and there's a Debian Linux install there which I can mount and chroot into.
+Caroline Nguyen Apps can still use the external SD card as a cache, which is what Play Music is doing here. This is now the ONLY real permitted use though, and all data is deleted if that app is uninstalled. Google did essentially declare that the only effective use for your SD card was as a cache for such cloud-storage apps though, so you're still pretty close to the mark.
I was dismayed to find out I could no longer sync my phone to DoubleTwist when I tried to add a new song to my playlist.  The only way around it for me was to connect my phone to my iMac using a USB cable and  drag the song file from iTunes into my phone' music library.  You have to use the Android Transfer App on the computer to do it and it takes longer than syncing.  Hope they fix it soon.
Why don't they make it so the phone cannot be turned on? Wouldn't that be much more secure? I mean, then it would be completely hack proof!
So.....remember back in the late 90's when Clinton's Justice Department was after Microsoft and media outlets like the Wall Street Journal were discussing the likelihood of MS being split into 3 companies?: OS, Office and Everything Else.  Apple was actually in trouble and it had Gates so worried he did what: gave Jobs a 200 (250?) million dollar loan that Jobs started the iEmpire with….or something, I recall.

Had Apple actually gone under, Microsoft would absolutely have been broken up. But what happened? Jobs reflected on some of his flaws.  Decided they were a problem and dealt with it.  I never liked Jobs personality (and to be fair, he would have thought I was a prat) – even that first time TIME gushed all over the Miracle of the Garage Tinkerers. But I admired the living hell out of his ability to take certain-disaster and turn it into hyper-concentrated Win.

He could have died an annoying, smart guy who had it all and then shot himself in the foot. But after half a second of pondering that path, he decided it wasn’t gonna work for him so he died an Ass Kicking Genius of Industry and Design Who Changed The Game So Hard It Will Be Impossible To Get The “I”-Tag Fully Eradicated From The Earths Languages For At Least 500-Years, instead.

Kudos, Steve.  You jerk. iRIP.

It was a little like the end of WWII: the US all but destroyed the nation of Japan (which Japan had asked for) and instead of taking the country over, we helped them rebuild even though the generation that fought Japan wasn’t under any illusion about “something” happening at some point in the future. Our forbearers weren’t idiots: they knew more than we do today that the Japanese are insanely awesome in certain ways.…one being, they only lose anything when they’re dead (maybe)...if they’re still alive they’re going to move from a planned short-term win to a newly-planned long-term bloodying of your nose OR win.

In the case of the US after WWII – BAM! Japan – a nation rendered helpless by war and world-famous for not having iron capable of making a steel straight razor that won’t break in a fall from the sink to a wood floor - nuked Detroit less than 30-years later with fleets of steel automobiles.

But I digress.

Back to MS: what was the reason the Justice Department gave for starting a fight with MS? MS included a web browser in their operating system.

That’s right, they gave something to their customers – that the Feds insisted hurt their competition - UNFAIRLY. (Although many competent IT professionals maintain that what MS actually did was spring your Crazy Aunt Jane from the local mental institution and slap her right in the middle of your Windows Living Room, from where she was more than happy to let any criminal or virtual pathogen into your home.)

Back then, all it took to get the Feds attention about your company possibly being an out of control monster, was adding value to your product in a way they weren’t able to understand. Now, Google's running the hell all over everything and the Fed's don't seem to be aware the company exists.

Except when it comes to hacking the idiots network and waltzing all over their data. Which is fairly telling....if you get hacked by the organization that created the incompotent Obamacare website, you're probably not doing the job correctly.

That being said though, Internet Explorer wasn’t the real reason the Feds were all horny over MS – that was the only reason they could explain to the general public without putting everyone who didn’t know the “what’s and how’s” of a parameter array to sleep. The real “why” would take a page or two to explain.

My point being, out of everyone on this thread, am I the only one to have filed an FTC and a state Attorney General complaint over this fraud that Google’s pulled - with the help of carriers – to break the functionality of the cell phone you bought? Am I the only one who remembered to do that? 

In my case they destroyed the ONLY reason I bought a S4. Even though I’m a Windows-Shop Director of IT, I was a “happy” iPhone customer. This is because I’m not a complete dolt: if it has electricity, it serves the purpose I need it to, and I like it, I really don’t give a crap whose name is on it.  I walked away from the Motorola Razr  and grabbed an iPhone when Motorola decided to bash its head between two cinder blocks 30 times right before improving the slim, slick aluminum Startfleet-Issued Razr into a fat piece of plastic, Klingon jackassery………

Seriously.  How stupid was that? Did they think the Razr was so popular because of the l33t interface someone-who’s-important grade-school level son appeared to have slapped together for it? I still laugh a little and shake my head when I think about the release of the plastic generations of Razr. They might as well have produced a Special, Limited Edition Cow-Urine Soaked Modal of the Razr that came in its own Zip-Loc baggy of yellow, liquid “Super-Moo™ Preservative”.

Wasn’t everyone on this thread ripped off by Google and their carrier? How much did you spend on the single-slot phone with the now fake wood-paneling second-slot that’s sitting in your pocket as you read this, as opposed to the cost of the single-slot phone you would have bought had Googles vandalism occurred before you bought it?

This is usually known as a form of “bait and switch” and it tends to be illegal. Plus, I don’t recall my agreement with ATT including the words “F*** you over whenever a phone manufacturer or OS vendor can’t improve their product sales against feature-rich competitors.”

Ya. Mr Do No Evil just stole money from you and tossed it in the garbage…..and your carrier was holding your arms while it was done.

Well….that’s what happened with ATT….I don’t know about other carriers but I assume it was the same: ATT S4 customers weren’t given the option to refuse the update. I spent all day clicking “FU”, or whatever those asshats at ATT labelled the cancel button, when the UPDATE nag popped-up. 

They didn’t care: “Cancel? Lol.  Whatever, loser. Corporations don’t sleep. You know that. Seriously, who is this prat?” - They just pushed it on my phone when I went to bed that night. Apparently, ATT thinks the best way to start your day is with a hearty “WTF?” before you’ve even put your glasses on and waddle off to the bathroom.

I know I’ve been flippant – I do that when there’s a chance I’m going to lose my temper over something I’m writing - but there’s an important message here: if you make efforts to accommodate them, instead of meeting them head-on, in force, assholes will keep walking all over you. I might sound harsh but frankly, I’m being much more reasonable and fair-minded about Google’s role in this than they deserve. The little stunt they’ve screwed us all with is just the latest in a year and a half of lying to customers, making one unilateral decision after another without considering users and the difficulties they’ll face in accommodating Google’s pursuit of Profit Uber Alles, throwing smarm at questions that require logical answers and who knows what else, all while arm-twisting people who don’t want to join their little social app into the club so they can cheat their way to the top and eventually declare a “Win” over Facebook.

While, at the same time, tying your various accounts with Google properties under one, convenient name they can now data mine and market to with pin-point accuracy. Really, that’s the  end-game for them.  Look at what they’ve been buying the last few years.

Tens of thousands of FTC complaints would most likely have gotten Googles attention, here….the threat of a class-action suit may have ended up returning the second slot functionality we all paid for and now don’t get.
1st thing 2 do with new device is root it. 2nd thing is block the OTA.
Hey Tod, I just wanted to say sorry about dumping on this thread the way I did. It had nothing to do with you and/or FX, (which I use and like). I ended up here by way of a search engine and just lost my patience.  If I'd had one more cup of coffee that day, I'd have lost it a few clicks later, on someone else's web site or social page. I'm an autist and realize I can be obnoxious as hell when I get going so, I'm doubly sorry about that.  lol  Take care and keep up the good work.
No worries, I personally do feel that this is an illegal action: you're selling a consumer a product with a given featureset and then removing some of those features with a forced update.  I think that runs somewhere between false advertising and fraud.

Unfortunately the courts have shown time and again that it's perfectly acceptable behavior, just look at the PlayStation3 OtherOS debacle.

Google would simply blame Samsung for violating the API in 4.2/4.3 with KitKat finally requiring that they behave, and Samsung would in turn blame Google.   

The only real solution is a phone with an unlocked bootloader and popular support on XDA.   And I say this regardless of whether you have any interest in customizing/hacking/tweaking things that require root access.
except in their package-specific directories as allowed by synthesized permissions." You mean we in kitkat or greater we can write in sdcard/Android/com.somepackagename/write there?
Looks like they're mostly fixing this in 5.0 Lollipop

I currently have this in a test version of FX and it appears to work correctly, and provide all the capabilities necessary for file management.  The only issues I'm seeing are that file moves must be done as copy-deletes (which are much slower) and that setting it up will require more user interaction than I'd like: users won't be asked for permission, they'll need to use a system dialog to locate their SD card and then grant permission themselves first.
Hello :)
Im with Lenovo A328 and it's rooted ... I've tried this
"I've developed an app for root users to resolve the issue.  This uses the standard "fix" or reverting the /system/etc/permissions/platform.xml to allow apps with WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to belong to the Android UNIX group "media_rw".  It modifies that file using XML APIs to add just this specific permission, rather than pasting something new over the top of it."

and this too
"The best solution for rooted users though is to modify  /system/etc/permissions/platform.xml.  Just add <group gid="media_rw"/> inside the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission element, i.e., directly below the <group gid="sdcard_rw"/> line."

With the app for the SD  card it shows that I don't have the need I mean it's ok...
With the second one it's ok too, because I don't have mistake in the platform.xml  everything it's allright there, but still I can't move the apps from the internal to my external memory.
Can  somebody please help me? I don't want to put a custom rom (I can't and I don't want to do it) so I'm still seraching for solution. 
I found that I have 2 files with the name platform... In the second one <group gid="media_rw"/> is missing, but I can't edit it, because I don't have rights.... Does anybody knows how can I edit it ?  o.0
Hello Tod,
Thank you and congratulation for your very clear post about SD card locking in KitKat.
I think this stupid feature is not specific for Samsung devices, and it is commun to all devices using KitKat, isn't ?
Do you think is it possible to launch a petition against that, to prompt the Android developping team to come back, for future versions and for a fix of 4.4.2 ? How to do for this ?
Which are the best tools to root a device using 4.4.2 ?
What is the best application to rewrite the missing line (in a rooted device) which is necessary to have write access to SD card ?
Thank you in advance for your answer.
For windows check out Ext2 Volume Manager, it also works with ext3. It's the best free ext file system driver I've seen, is open source, lightweight and packed with features http://www.ext2fsd.com
This really, in my option, sucks.
You cannot use sdcard from android 4.4 anymore.
Troubles have already been made by Google, and there is no need for it to explain to you why so. The reason given by them sucks too.
But as an engineer working on Android, with the sdcard slot on boards, Android 4.4 porting is under way, and my boss tells me the sdcard must work since the internal storage almost runs of space, the board is low-cost, so sdcard is a must to expand the storage space. 
Yes, it must be done. Thank you guys for the detailed explanation and the fixes. I'll try.
Buy why any given fix doesn't work with the stupid Lenovo A328 :( 
Finally, I fixed out that the MEDIA_DIR in volume.cpp in sytem/vold/ should be /mnt/media_rw, NOT /storage, with the platform.xml changes, gid=medie_rw,  now, worked.
havn`t had any real problems storing music on the SDCard,I connected A916 to PC opened win Explorer and just dragged and dropped the files into the music folder on the SDCard,these files show up in the phones Music folder just as if they were stored in the phones storage.
Impressively useless.....I don't care about music storage...I want the full
capacity of any hardware I purchase to be available for music, photos,
APPLICATIONS, or anything else that I want to put on my SD card that I
purchased with MY MONEY.
Google executives are welcome to purchase a bed from me. They may not use
it for sleeping, or sitting on it, or napping, but they can put a blanket
on it and look at it. Scum. Just scum who sell my personal information
and enjoy the stock options.
So will there ever be a fix for non-rooted users?
A friend of mine has a Samsung X Cover 3 with kitkat running.  No word from Samsung on update to Lollipop and no root-access in sight for this device in the near future... Any help would be GREATLY appreciated :-)
Does Google think their customers are 2 year olds, or pirates of the high seas? I wonder if they even care enough to fix the error they willingly created. I honestly believe Google hates their users. Imagine if mcdonalds stopped selling drinks and banned their customers from bringing their own drinks from home.
This whole thing has made my Tab 3 and ANY android device useless to me. I use my extSD to hold music & files I for work. Having to move a file to internal, change it, & then move it back is screwed. Trying to do the same with my music collection is more of a joke. Too many MP3s to move internally and edit with WinAmp. ID tag changes are unreliable for sorting anyway even if I edit 1,000 songs in one playlist on a PC. Ended up using a folder based player. I am on the road in the middle of the Arizona desert. No WiFi. No Data/Cell. No Radio. If this is all for security, BS, I have anti-virus software that did work now it can no longer fix an issue found on the extSD. As far as I can figure Google is trying to force folks into using Drive. Not going to happen as I DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO THE WEB! I'm ready to try an iPad and frisbee this *!$"# Samsung at the first Google/Samsung executive I see.
+Greg Swallow
instead of Google helping you, and of course since this is the internet, expet the majority of people to respond to you by saying "how did you post this if you don't have internet." Don't waste your time explaining how you only have limited access to the internet, they will just turn your question into an argument.

I wish I could help you, I would if I could. The only useful suggestion I can give you, is don't just download the most popular or expensive top app, ..yeah not useful advice. Sorry
+Blastoise Tube I suppose my sentence #2 is flawed, it is while I am working at night 7/365 and no day off in 6 years that I have no/limited access. I wrote my comment as I was getting to sleep. This comment comes after being waken by my aging prostate. Let'em argue, I'm a former AT&T/SCO Unix System V Rel. 3.2 programmer who still has and uses a RadioShack Model 100 (fully loaded with 32k) for note taking. Hell, I've forgotten more about computers than their young minds could ever learn.
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