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Tobias J. Turner
Professional computer guy, semi-professional actor, amateur husband
Professional computer guy, semi-professional actor, amateur husband

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360 people were at the show tonight, which is genuinely spectacular.

It hit me not too long ago that if I had an IMDB page (I don't) and it included theater credits (it wouldn't) my "most well known for" role would be Reuben in Old Jews Telling Jokes. I've performed in 5 states in front of thousands of people. Hands down, more human beings have seen me in this role than any other. Perhaps even more than all of my other roles combined.

Tomorrow could be the last time I'll ever do this character or this show. It's really been an incredible experience. I'm very much in awe of and in debt to the people who were part of making this chapter of my life so spectacular.

I've had a headache since Sunday. I'm not sure why. Is it because spring is starting and the temperature has changed drastically and there have been multiple storm systems moving through? Or is it because I'm in my thirties, now?

It was bad enough today that I was ready to tell my boss that I needed to go home, but ended up distracting myself enough to make it.

I've got to drive to Cleveland Friday to do shows Saturday and Sunday. I really don't want to have a horrid headache during an all day car ride.

Iron Fist is getting bad reviews. I was really hoping it would be great.

Though, In retrospect, a TV show based on a comic book meant to capitalize on Americans' obsession with 70s Kung Fu movies would probably turn out pretty bad.

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I'll never be as cool as my grandpa riding a pony pulling a cart full of his siblings.

I was playing Zelda and Midnight, my horse, died. Its body slowly slid down a hill as the bokoblins we had been fighting laughed at me. I was not emotionally prepared for how quickly this game got way too real way too fast.

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I have a new assistant helping me out with my computer repairs. He has a very bad cattitude.

+Stefan F +Caitlin Ewing

I put on my ninja outfit, snuck up on a mountain buck, jumped on him, earned his trust, then rode around on him while stabbing his friends with a spear.

I am having so much fun.

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Hot Chicken at work today!

#GoFooda #LunchGoals

I have a brown horse with a white butt and brown spots on his butt named Freckles and a black horse with a white mane named Midnight.

#TLoZ #Zelda #BotW #GotY

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