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Talk To The Google+ Community Managers!
We love meeting people who love Google+ as much as we do. That’s why the Google+ Community Managers are going to be hosting a Help Desk Hangout tomorrow at 11:30am PST/2:30pm EST. +Brian, +Natalie, +Katherine, and I will all be hosting hangouts from our personal profiles, so hop on over, jump on in, and chat away. If the hangout is full, join one of the other Community Managers, wait until a space opens up, or post a question in the hangout’s comment thread.

Stay here to talk about Google+ Pages and Mobile. If you’re interested in discussing another aspect of Google+, head to:
+Brian Rose's profile to talk about Photos
+Katherine Gramann's profile to talk about Hangouts and Chat
+Natalie Villalobos' profile to talk about Games and the rest of Google+

We’ll each also be answering general questions - we just want to hang out! See you then.
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Would love to join, but as always with these hangouts, I'll be working. I'd love to see one of these done later in the day so those of us on the east coast could join and participate after work :)
The original post stated that this would be happening today. It is actually taking place tomorrow. Apologies for the confusion!
This is a really cool idea!! Though I think I need a shower before I go into any hangouts!
I wish I could participate of all of them! Have things I would like to share on all the topics!

Why not make a Hangout each day, just like the Google Docs page did? (one for docs, other for presentations...) +Toby Stein
I'm new to the Bay Area and looking for a Technical Sourcing/Recruiting gig. Washed out at Google interview (she actually asked me if I knew the difference between a browser and a search engine!). G+ is helping some.

I have to ask: Facebook has a lot of angry users due to the forced 'Timeline', seems like a golden opportunity for G+. Where's The Beef? The big Privacy Rollout isn't enough: G+ needs more features!
olhem a questão do G+ me, estensão do +Huy Zing que parou de funcionar pra um monte de gente que a amava, pensem em colocar isso como algo nativo do google plus ok? abraços...
i was getting ready for the hangout, went to your profile to double check whose profile to go to and then i was like: what the heck? am i too stupid to read or what? but then i noticed your comment ;)
see you tomorrow.
My Question: When will we be able to URL share to G+ on mobile and have an article summary and preview picture show up like it does on desktop. (I've been doing it from the browser, but it won't let me type my personal comments on the initial share).

This is in case I don't make the Hangout.
do you know any website to train me how can I install it for my website?
+Thorben Groth thank you for your attention. I want to install is for my joomla website that all my visitor can talk with me on the website.
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