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It's what's for dinner.
It's what's for dinner.

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Dang. My grandma was hilarious. And possibly weird.

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Beta Readers make me work hard. Boo. #editing #steampunk

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#steampunk #writing And also #toobusyeditingtomakeuniquecontent

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Events: April 23rd - 29th at +Shameless Grounds

Mon, April 23rd, 7pm – 10pm: Tenacious Trivia

Thu, April 26th, Open - Close: +Dining Out For Life®
50% of all sales will be donated to St. Louis Effort for AIDS. Please come visit us if you can.

8pm - 10pm: Bi-State Polyamory Meet-n-Greet
Bi-State Polyamory holds a meet and greet in the main space of Shameless Grounds the 4th Thursday of each month. All are welcome.

Fri, April 27th, 7pm - 11:30pm: Henna Night
JeanJoel will be doing henna "tattoos" for $10 CASH person. First come-first decorated basis.
The library will be utilized for women that prefer to have their design placed somewhere discreet.

Sat, April 28th, 5pm - 7pm: STL Kinky Singles Munch

Sun, April 29th, 7pm - 9:30pm: Literary Nudes
18+ Event There is a $6.00 model donation suggested, but not required. Bring your own art materials and/or cameras.

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Stage 2 - let's put a face and emotion to the issue - upload your video responses to HB2051 Bill sponsors here. Stay up to date on the bill and encourage your friends and family to sign the petition. Thank you to Progress Missouri for their help in setting up this site.


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I am, apparently, just that gay, I may have watched this a thousand times.

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Just a sample of some of these burdens:

"For many LGBT families, this lack of recognition creates a yearly encounter with inequality that amplifies the economic burdens for their families. The biggest problems and challenges include:

LGBT families pay more: From taxation on family health insurance benefits to incurring additional gift and estate tax liability, LGBT families pay more taxes because they do not count as “spouses” under the federal definition.

LGBT families are denied joint filing status and accompanying tax relief:Since married LGBT families are not legally recognized by federal law, they cannot receive the significant tax advantages of the “Married Filing Jointly” tax status, which means they have less money to meet the financial needs of their family. LGBT families can only file as “Single” or at best, “Head of Household,” even when they are married or in other legally recognized unions and partnerships.

LGBT families lose important deductions, exemptions, and credits and as a result pay more in taxes: Because joint and second-parent adoption are not available in the majority of states, one LGBT parent often lacks legal ties to his or her children, which makes it hard, and sometimes impossible, to claim important child-related deductions and credits, particularly when that parent is the primary wage earner in the family.

LGBT families must misrepresent and “carve up” their families: Parents are forced to decide which parent “claims” their children for exemptions. To gain tax relief, some families must split their children between different tax returns. Other LGBT parents can only claim their children as “qualifying relatives,” or not at all. Heterosexual married families can simply file jointly, account for all children on one form, and check the exemption boxes.

LGBT families face heightened scrutiny, extra costs, and refund delays: LGBT families must run multiple tax scenarios, create “dummy” federal returns, submit extra paperwork, and face audits and denials of legitimate tax credits."

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Events: April 2nd - 8th at Shameless Grounds:

Tues, April 3rd, 7pm – 9:45pm: Sex+STL Welcomes Robert Rosen
Meet Robert Rosen, author of Beaver Street. Beaver Street is based on diaries Rosen kept while working in porn for 16 years as a magazine editor, and on extensive research. Among the dozens of magazines Rosen edited or contributed to are High Society, Swank, Stag, and D-Cup. In Beaver Street he explores the nexus where cutting-edge technology meets raw sex, generating vast fortunes for the largely anonymous men who run America’s “adult entertainment” empires

Wed, April 4th, 7pm – 9pm: C:4 Comic Creators Coffee Club

Sun, April 8th:
1pm – 5pm: Rope Bite Chapter Meeting
Local Rope Bite Chapter Meeting, 2nd Sunday of each month. Contact TOne for details.
6pm: Kinky Book Club Meeting
7pm: Kinky Bingo
FREE!! Come play a sort of bingo with words and phrases instead of letters. The winner of each round gets a free beverage (coffee, tea, soda).

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Shameless Grounds’ mission is to provide diverse populations access to a non-judgmental, sex-positive, radically-inclusive gathering place. As such, we stand in strong support of women and their right to a positive self-image and sexual identity, and freedom from bigotry.
Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s recent attack on law student Sandra Fluke as a sex-crazed “slut” and “prostitute” is an attack on our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, our wives, our girlfriends, and our friends. While advertisers nationally are withdrawing their ads from his show at an increasing pace, there are still local businesses supporting his vitriol by purchasing advertising time during his radio show on KMOX. Show your support of women and their right to a sex-positive life by contacting these businesses and letting them know that you cannot support them while they support Rush Limbaugh.
If you do, there’s just a little something more than satisfaction in it for you.

If you CC Shameless Grounds on an email sent to one of these businesses, we’ll give you one free, non-blended coffee beverage of your choice (limit 1 per person).
If you bring in a letter, stamped and addressed to one of these businesses, we’ll put it in the mail for you and give you a free entrée (limit 1 per person).
If you bring in letters, stamped and addressed to each of the listed businesses, you’ll be invited to an exclusive hors devours reception for activists like yourself that believe in a woman’s right to a sex-positive life.

An updated list of local businesses advertising on Limbaugh’s show can be found at

You can access the FaceBook event page at
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