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Google seems to be trying their damnedest to alienate the geeks that supported them all these years… sponsoring CPAC (hosted by Fuck you.

Dear Hollywood: I pirate movies and TV shows, but purchase music legally. Why? Because you don't offer any way for me to watch your shows in my home for a reasonable price (Netflix doesn't work outside the country, and besides… f*** Netflix).

Contrast that with music: I could pirate all my music, but instead I buy it from iTunes or Amazon. Why? Because it's convenient and reasonably priced, and they let me buy it wherever I am in the world.

I'd happily pay for movies and TV shows if the entire industry didn't treat me like a chump.

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Incredible header design done with CSS transforms (the cool part only works in Safari/Chrome):

Damn, Youtube is looking seriously slick for once in its life. Nice job on the redesign.

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Just started using 3-finger drag in OSX, so much nicer than the old tap-n-drag

How come Siri can schedule a reminder for 8am and it works a charm, but if I ask her what time it is she says "I have no idea what time it is in Thailand, Toby". Selective stupidity…

Summary of Reuters' breathless piece on Zynga's IPO: The shitty, evil, spamming makers of such indelible classics as "Farmville" and "Cityville" fell 5% below some stupid economists' bloated predictions, so the tech industry must be about to collapse! They didn't even make it to half of Google's $1.9 billion IPO, for fuck's sake! Farmville should be worth at least 3/4 of a Google or else the internet is on it's last legs!

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So, this exists:

Sweet… I'm legal in Thailand for another year. Plus no more border runs :)
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