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Toby Howell
A normal guy looking for a way to survive in an abnormal world
A normal guy looking for a way to survive in an abnormal world

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Please help! I followed and event from a Google+ group. It shows up everyday on my google calendar, day and night. How do I stop following this event? I don't want to completely turn off getting future notifications just turn off for this particular event(s). I can't find it anywhere. 

Hi maybe you can help me. I follow your community and I love your online meditations, but I'm having one issue. I would like the medications not to show up on my Google Calendar. Is there anyway that you know of that I can remove this? I keep searching around but I can't find anything. I love to do your online medications but I just don't want them on my calendar. I hope this makes sense and maybe you can help me. Thank you and I love what you do

I am following Meditation Online. I somehow started getting their daily meditations sent to my google calendar. How do I turn this off? I just do not want it on my calendar

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Check this guy out. Such a fun way to connect with fans! Julian Velard's First All Request Livestream Concert

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There is so much more in the world than you even realize. Beautiful movie. 

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Check out this video on YouTube:

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