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Do not attack Ron Paul without first understanding the Issues, The Constitution and his positions. All it does is make you look like a Clueless Ignorant Sheep.

Ron Paul is all About Freedom and the Constitution. Ron Paul is the Quintessential Freedom loving and EDUCATED American.
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Make you wonder why the Europeans don't make a blockbuster about him
Comic franchises do better than documentaries even semi-fictional ones. Plus Euros seem to dislike or even not understand blockbusters.
So what is the 'Block' there supposed to be busting anywayz.
It is amazing though how, europeans will come up with an idea , and within a few years there's an American version, done in a microsoft fashion. Don't get me wrong I think it's great that they pay for the rights, and pay........

Obviously you like this guy, descent educated people anywhere are appreciated, but it's what they do, that shows us what there about.
Aus is so anti-freedom you may not even realise it. What is done here in Aus shows me everything i need to know about anti-Paul, pro-government people
nice answered, freedom of speech, view and freedom to avoid, all a credit as ron's cause, gratz
American slogan for american politics.
Love it or leave it.
Maybe Australia should adopt a similar stance?
After charity begins at home.
+Peter ACT of course australia should be more freedom oriented.. it's freaking ridiculously anti-free right now. trust me.
My husband and I have contemplated moving to Autstralia or New Zealand. We were under the impression (from countless Google searches :p) that the two countries, perhaps moreso New Zealand, were more freedom oriented than the U.S. ...?...
+Katye Faulkner   if you or your husband like the first and second ammendment, for a start, there is none in aus. it wouldn't affect most people i guess as they lead very average lives. it's all in the detail tho. anything you may hear otherwise are merely token gestures by the government or the absence of interest by police.
The second amendment is indeed important to us both.

...the details are VERY important... 

Thanks for the reply, although it deflated some hopes. 
You know I agree that Australia has an over burden of rules, constrictions, and anti overt expressionism. You can see it and a enormous web of constrictions, or you can see it for what it is. Your always gonna be breaking the law, offending someone, or fined for some such. Truth be known, you could walk on that web and call it pavement. After all, we are a combination of British and American political machines, Australia creates laws at the smallest affair, but never seems to remove/ or simply the laws or taxes for that matter.     So what do you do , live in fear of doing the wrong thing? Or work it out, and be objective and reasonable. Right and wrong, black and white, huh This is Australia were talking about. Don't believe me? Drive in land and live with some country people. One man in a far off land talking about his country government system, is a hard sell to a country of skeptics.
+Peter ACT "Or work it out, and be objective and reasonable." Being anti-free is unreasonable and deeply prejudiced. It's repugnant to the very concept of individuality and freedom. "is a hard sell to a country of skeptics." yes they are skeptics of freedom itself. that's my whole point.
I'm sorry where are you? Thought that was the point? Do you really want to go with 'prejudiced' and you have the exclusive on 'freedom'? really and I thought you were educated. Where did you say your from?
Isn't it amazing what people self promote. But I suppose , we are influenced by our surroundings. Remember people, it only is valid if you buy it.
+Peter ACT you don't sound like you understand the concept of freedom, let alone all the details, which is surprising considering you observed the "enormous web of constrictions". you can't state  that and call it 'freedom'.
Ok. let's take this one step at a time, what is the 'Freedom' your talking about defined as. Freedom is a relative term, framed by perspective. It's a conceptual term. Your right I don't probably understand what your idea of 'Freedom' is. At most it's a marketing term. Freedom is an ideal, and a vague one at that. 
maybe the web of constriction, should be a pair of jeans that get smaller at the waist. Being the only pair of pants you have, you know your never gonna fit em so you , unbutton the top button and cover the waist, seal the zipper with a saftey pin and carry on. Acknowledging that you can't make them fit, so you make the decision , not to try.; and move on. Perspective is the point. Individual's have their own Vs the politics of control.
+Peter ACT Eh...look, what's the point if you can't even see it with your eyes? Not a day goes by without some freak in the Australian government or public health sphere bringing up something that should be banned or raking their decaying nails over the grave of freedom. It's nothing short of outrageous. There isn't even a truly adult rating for content in this pathetic excuse of a free country. And this isn't even mentioning all the stealthy quiet legislation that bans this or that as you go about your life thinking nothing amiss is going on. They are like termites and they occupy the establishment and probably, media.
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