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The former #Apple CEO who ousted Steve Jobs for 10 years talked to us about life before and after Apple.

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Current +WordPress sites know images are huge, good: user experience, bad: load times. Best plugin for me: easy interface and great results.

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classic Cleese clarity
John Cleese | So Anyway... - Talks at Google - 11.13.2015
Talk -
John Cleese - "So, Anyway..." - Talks at Google - 11.13.2015
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I am all for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, here is a +GoogleChrome extension that helps you shop wider - video intro helps

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What if every industry worked on spec? Watch people in other industries react to getting asked for free spec work time to break the inanity.

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Rare:  1) project fails because of poor culture or 2) project fails because of poor project manager

Allen Ruddock: Project delivery problems stem from the lack of a change culture #pmot

Great post! +ARRApm 

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Experts concerned about how much young people multitask multitasking martyrdom fallacy at work too.  People can not multi-task.

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Employees are personas with objectives.

With their views and motivation in mind, organization change has a new frame to communicate persona-based messages that meet WIIFM?

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13 Ways Designers Screw Up Client Presentations >such a good post with lots of advice for any client review
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