Tobii founders win Polhem Prize 2015! Thanks to their eye-catcher, thousands of people with disabilities use computers as freely as others, by controlling it with their eyes. Now John Elvesjö and Mårten Skogö are awarded the prestigious Polhem Prize for their ingenious innovation Tobii eye tracker, which opens new possibilities for the future.

The Polhem Prize is Sweden's oldest technical award and managed by the Association of Graduate Engineers. It is awarded for technological innovation of high level for the ingenious solution of a technical problem. The innovation should be available on the open market and be competitive. It should also be sustainable environmentally friendly.

Christopher Polhem, named “the father of Swedish mechanics” was born 1661 and made more than 100 innovations. Very ingenious guy!

Mårten and John are in good company because some of the previous winners include: Baltzar von Platen and Carl Munters for the fridge (1925), Ove Fernö smoking cessation product Nicorette (1987), Håkan Lans for the GPS (1995), Laila Ohlgren for the "green button" on mobile phones (2009) and Petra Wadström for water purifier Solvatten (2013)
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