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Tobie Abad
"Why should my opinion matter?" Geek. Gamer. Out and Proud.
"Why should my opinion matter?" Geek. Gamer. Out and Proud.

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Post your TAG Sessions Bingo Results!
Be proud! :-) 

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Millennials ep02 : DC Heroes
4/9/2017 Millennials "Thieves" The Louvre, Paris Security guards are talking about the pasta burrito and the sushi meatballs that certain restaurants have been serving. But both realize they heard a noise and turn to face the source. They illuminate an empt...

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tagbites 2017: July Offerings
July 2017 tagbites offerings For this month of July, we have the following tagbites offerings: jim pinto's Praxis: The Black Monk In The Black Monk, the characters are people living in a desolate, but vibrant world where time seems to have lost meaning. Liv...

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FAQ: Let's Talk about Tagbites
So what are tagbites? tagbites are one-shot role-playing game sessions that are open for players to try games which they probably have never tried playing before.  It isn't hard to find gaming options for Dungeons and Dragons, World of Darkness games, or ev...

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Nocturnal Media Signs Us On!
So yeah, TAG Sessions has gone nocturnal! Who knew our little game line would be noticed by one of the big wigs in the industry.  We're now part of the Nocturnal Media family, which means a lot of things including more opportunities to get stuff out there. ...

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Continuing my 12 New Games commitment this 2017
I've been keeping to my 12 new games promise for the last few years.  For those who aren't aware of the story behind it, here it is again: For many years I stuck to playing a certain game line and nothing but that.  When I tried diving into the work of inde...

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Tiny Wastelands has just launched on Kickstarter!
A new Kickstarter just launched and I'm part of its stretch goals! Hope to have your support!  I'll be writing a micro-setting called, "The Wild" which I really am excited to share more information about in time. But for now, you'll have to check the Kickst...

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Forty Year Old Fanboy Update#15
On the last day of Gamex 2017, a Monday, I woke up and felt very sad at the thought that my time hanging out with Ben, Jim, and Dan was quickly coming to an end. After having been just online friends for so long, to have spent time with them physically near...

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Forty Year Old Fanboy Update#14
Day three of the Gamex 2017 convention had me waking up and realizing I had almost overslept and lost my opportunity to play in Ben Woerner's 7th Sea game, The Seahorse Rescue .  I messaged him that I was freshening up and hurried had a hot shower and a qui...

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Forty Year Old Fanboy Update#13
So I got interviewed during Strategicon's Gamex 2017 for a webshow. I specifically chose to wear our Zsazsa Zaturnnah T-shirt since I wanted Carlo Vergara's fantastic creation to get more noticed. IdeateTV host Lauren Pappas interviews Tobie Abad. Tobie is ...
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