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Tobie Abad
"Why should my opinion matter?" Geek. Gamer. Out and Proud.
"Why should my opinion matter?" Geek. Gamer. Out and Proud.

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JAMS ep03 : Inspectres
8/18/2016 Javier's Armed Men Squad Episode Three "Faerie" Inspectres As the last episode of our Inspectres game, the format of this session was to be slightly different than the usual sessions.  But it felt necessary to give the game an appropriate ending t...

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Sickening Queens is now available!
Sickening Queens is now available on DriveThruRpg . Hope you enjoy my love letter to drag! Grab it today!

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2017 Update: 12 New Games
For this year, I've played the following: Twelve New Games for 2017 1) Pugmire 2) Monster of the Week Given it is currently March, this is definitely a much slower development than previous years. But hey, at least we're still moving forward in many ways de...

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Bookhounds of London : Fiasco
03/25/2016 Bookhounds of London Fiasco Tobie plays Silas, the manservant of Monty Pendragon. Flip plays the catalog agent and master of Silas, Montgomery Pendragon, Josh plays Marcus Duboir the IV, an old collector from France and took his protege with him ...

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Launching soon. Hope you support it. 

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Alas, Such Fates ep05 : 7th Sea
11/19/2016 Alas, Such Fates "Mirrors and Shut Mouths" Episode Five - 7th Sea Astrid Ivardatter has left the group to visit on the Scarlet Stockings at Penitence.  Having heard reports of the events there regarding the arrival of a bishop who supposedly trie...

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A Single Moment part of Bundle of Two!
The Bundle of Holding is currently having the Bundle of Two, a collection of two-player table top game - whether it is for two players or for one GM and one player, with 10% of the sales to be given to the Human Rights Watch charity! Wonderfully, they've ch...

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Not Even Love Lasts Forever : M.O.D.E.L.S.
02/28/2016 Not Even Love Lasts Forever M.O.D.E.L.S. I was able to have a second playtest of my super spy game called M.O.D.E.L.S. which draws greatly from shows like Alias, video games like No One Lives Forever, and movies like Zoolander.  I was lucky enoug...

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Sneak Peeks at Things Coming Soon
Yep, it has been a very busy creative journey. Bonus points for those who can name each one. :-)

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Today is February 2, 2017
Cold Shadows has hit 15k, which means it has unlocked all its stretch goals. Bad Timing was first released last year on this day, in many ways formally giving birth to TAG Sessions as a publishing line. I submitted a lecture proposal to the Casual Connect S...
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