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Tobias Morrison
I'm a jerk. Except when I'm not. But I usually am.
I'm a jerk. Except when I'm not. But I usually am.

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I really love using Square to process payments. Cheap and frictionless. 

Hey, Google+! We're having twins!

Holy crap! There are still people here? I expected it to be like logging into MySpace. 

We are getting word that Apple is preparing to release a television product. It will have a 3.5-inch multi-touch display, 960-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 pip and will sync and play all your iTunes content!

I cannot wait for this vacation to be over so that I can get some relaxation. 

Windows Media is the new REAL Media. 

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A great article explaining why Apple is, on some days, the biggest company on the planet.

When people have asked me about my feelings on the future of Apple with Tim Cook at the helm, I have stated my belief that the great things Apple has done for its bottom-line – lowered prices, increased profitability, improved reliability – are a direct result of Cook's Operations leadership.

Operations are a boring story, except when you see these numbers. I knew about the $1.25 billion flash memory deal, but I had not considered how spending $40 million on lasers could give you a leg up on the competition. And spending $50 million to assure you can ship all your new iMacs, and effectively locking the competition out of using air freight during the holidays? Classy.

I find LinkedIn's behavior wherein you can view and reply to a message but are prompted to login before the message is sent to be strange. Perhaps only because it does not match the typical behavior of having to login before getting ANY access. But I feel that LinkedIn is using the RIGHT behavior.


The only thing worse than Outlook is BlackBerry Mail App. 

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