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GWT intro. Anyone interested in a fun side project can ping me. Ideas welcome ;)
For most of you it may be boring ;) But someone might finds it useful.
I've just published an ultra-short tutorial for GWT Quick Start with some tips . #gwt   #tutorial   #maven   #java   #mobile

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Apple is taking down websites now???? Holy moley!!

#Samsung   #applevssamsung   #apple   #funny   #applefail   #android  

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Dartium preview
Tech preview of Chromium with Dart engine integration is now available. Check out the announcement video, and read more at

An attractive feature of Web programming is a rapid development cycle. Reloading the application after the source code has changed takes a fraction of a second. We want to offer you that same experience when using Dart, and today we’re making Mac and Linux binaries available that integrate the Dart VM into Chromium.

This technology preview allows you to run your Dart programs directly on the Dart VM in Chromium and avoid a separate compilation step. Over time, these programs will take advantage of the VM’s faster performance and lower startup latency.

+Seth Ladd #dartlang

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The Gentoo Wiki has rebooted.
The crash was a real pity, it was a great resource.
May it supercharge to meteoric heights!

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Still need some proprietary OS? Move them to VirtualBox now... they're probably running on outdated hardware anyway :D

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We're not alone—17 other Google teams have also started pages on Google+ today. Add us to your circles now, and stay tuned for a couple more Google pages coming in the next few days.

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The unnatural planning model is what most people unconsciously think of as "planning,"
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