Camp Storyteller: The Dreaming Magnus

We are the Dreaming Magnus of Camp Storyteller. Our goal is to create a Tecthulhu capable of sending the stories and dreams of agents from our dimensional node into other realities.

We need your help.

We are looking for like-minded agents, regardless of faction, of all skill sets. Agents who are capable of dreaming big and are not afraid to follow those dreams regardless of where those dreams may lead. We are looking for agents who are planning on attending Camp Navarro or would like to assist our online global efforts.

More importantly, we would like to hear the stories and dreams that you would wish to send into the portal network. These stories may be submitted as audio, video, a picture slideshow, written, or any form you deem appropriate for transmission into the portal network. A form to submit those will come at a later date.

Join us for #TheDreamingMagnus! #CampStoryteller needs your help to create a cross faction portal luminence project worthy of 5 years of Ingress stories.

TG channel:
Website: (Coming soon™)

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