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Brave Beautiful Budgie. Budgie was the reason I found Solus in the first place. I really like GNOME:s applications, but GNOME itself is way to heavy on resources and a bit too much "in the way" for the user. Budgie is not. It is speedy, perfect for virtual machines (that I use a great lot) and configurable to achive the pure minimalism I am looking for, while still looking great and work splendid with GNOME applications.

When it was announced that the next Budgie would be based on Qt, it did seem a bit odd for me. I have absolutely nothing against Qt as a platform, but the K-apps does not do it for me (except perhaps for Kdenlive). I know that the Solus team at the time stated that nothing would change, GNOMEs apps was still going to be a part of Solus etc. However, Qt already has LxQt as a lightweight alternative while GNOME does not have anything these days except perhaps the dated Xfce. I think Budgie sits well in that segment, as the fast and less intrusive gateway to GNOME.

So I am very happy when I see that GTK4 is mentioned as a alternative base for new Budgie nowadays. I truly think that is the way to go.

What are your opinions? Am I alone to think this? :)

Hello community! Today I would like to discuss third-party apps v/s snap :) I heard Ikey discuss this matter on Destination Linux, and from what I understand the idea is to replace the third-party applications completely with snaps. I do LOVE snaps and was really excited when it was introduced to Solus, but my concern is the well-known themeing problem. Snap applications tend to look like aliens as they do not follow the current theme, rather the theme the snap creator has chosen. So my question for the team is if you have thought about this? Will the third-party applications be replaced with "Solus specific snaps" (meaning with standard Solus themes)? Or do you have another idea for it?

Just wanted to say thank you and congrats to a excellent release! With 2017.04.18.0 I can finally run Solus (Budgie) virtualized in VirtualBox without issues which is a HUGE dealbreaker for me since all my development machines are virtualized. This time, both the installation of Solus and VirtualBox Guest Additions (from VirtualBox .ISO) worked fine, the only thing I had to do was to add the current user to the vboxsf group (a VirtualBox "feature") and then add the vboxsf group to the /media folder in order to make shared folders work. Kudos!

Hello all. First of all, thank you for an amazing Linux distro. It is all I ever wanted/needed for a desktop operating system and more :) I do have one question however when it comes to editing files directly on a FTP server through Nautilus file manager. When right-clicking + open the file, the default application (gedit) works perfect, however if you choose another text editor (like Geany or Sublime in my case) the file comes up empty (new document "untitled" comes up). I am guessing it has something to do with gvfs but cant figure out exactly what since it works with the default text editor. Any ideas, anyone?

Very interesting and promising project which I will evaluate and follow! Would love to contribute to the project further on. 
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