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Taking an image of life
When it was before five
Another look at this thing
Feels like dreaming

Fall is closing
Winter is coming
But November first was warm
When cold supposed to swarm

Smooth Jazz as ambience
Played across the fence
A simple gaze and glare
Silence the music in the air

I am loosing my night
Time when I can fight
To work or to rest
Due to my unsolved maze

Descended into a hell
Covered in indelible shell
Pleading to close my eyes
That are drowned in cries

Fear lies ahead
Crawling in my head
Veiled in joy of haze
Masks for a thousand face

Don't you feel tired lately?
Why don't you sleep already?
Insomnia my friend.
This note shows the pain.

Rindu juga dengar suara azan dan lihat orang-orang jalan kaki menuju mesjid untuk taraweh...

Banyak ya yang harus dikerjakan.

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from intertextual to intercarnation to intercultural...

Doing mission is not only a contextual matter.
Mission also talks about:
1. The Center and the Margins
2. Reposition/Shiftings of the Powers
3. The Cultures themselves
4. The Beliefs (Religions)

Four of them (or three [assuming culture is religion]) are interconnected to each other. Therefore, when the mission is conducted, it is actually toward the margins. Whenever we spread the Good News toward the margins, it will also touch the cultures, the beliefs, the social structures, and other boundaries.

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Nah ini baru keren. Senggol +Citra Manullang​

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Santa's train
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+Citra Manullang , dikau tahu maksud persoalan matematika:

 P = NP?
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