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Tjad Clark
Subtle, adventurous, and most things computers (no Microsoft please!). Living eternally
Subtle, adventurous, and most things computers (no Microsoft please!). Living eternally

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An element of trust never existed in business , its foundations are rooted in principles.

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It helps to understand what sorts of questions we are trying to answer in order to determine the data storage mechanism used for housing our data.

We’ve been seeing and hearing all about data in our post data era with large amounts of hype and buzz-talk around “big data”. In truth, there is limited or almost no correlation between how much data one has, and how useful that data is, and that stems from the significance of the question that we are trying to answer


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Some interesting food for thought and how we unknowingly alter our lives with the decisions we take.
QWERTY effect - more studies into how we may have been subconsciously reprogrammed with the keyboards we choose to use. Perhaps even effecting how we are given names. Precognox are now looking for more evidence to support this theory of how the qwerty keyboard affects our thinking.

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Dear +Capitec Bank +Gerrie fourie Please consider my dissatisfaction of Capitec's lack of maintaining your web app.

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We talk about global temperature rise (Global warming) as if we have accurately collected the data. However, both of the data sources I have just looked at seem to signify that we are not accurately recording the global temperature. Both NASA and NOAA both show that they do not collect data about Antarctica, which in my opinion is a significant piece of data - see below.



Pulling in the fact that Antarctica has grown with ice, which would seem to give the impression that its surface temperature is much cooler than average, would significantly alter our calculations of the average global temperature of the surface of the earth.

I don't claim that global warming is not real, but I do think that there are external dynamics to our model than what we already consider.

#ClimateChange Not #GlobalWarming

Assumptions lead to fear, bravery is to test those assumptions, and wise are those never to rely on any assumptions.

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Can you tell me what a data scientist is?

With the field of data science being one of the hottest industries now available as more and more scientists are required to apply their skills to the quintillions of bytes of data becoming available each and everyday. Being a data scientist however can be very challenging, especially when having to explain what tasks the data scientists perform as the field is publicly very new.
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