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Tj Hariharan

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Something that's always  bothered me about this scene...once the song gets into way, you see a bunch of people leaving clearly scandalised etc...which is funny. But...what did you EXPECT exactly? like, those people who left once the song started with a "O.O" look...what did they expect to see instead, it's not like Terrance and Phillip would end up being a family movie..

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Sidenote: HOLY Crap the bubble in fountain thing is such a brilliant idea..looks like fun. Also, how the hell do you TRIP on bubbles? you could trip on something because you didn't see it was there due to the bubbles..but you can't trip on something that isn't solid.

Tj Hariharan

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Definitely some good ones here. Though, a little note about #10. It's not that "no one has been able to come up with an answer" but rather, that: no one (even the top minds of the world) has been able to come up with a satisfactory answer. Many people have a good answer to "what is consciousness" some of them are even good enough to be perfectly consistent with what we experience and know about the universe..but that's where it all stops. "there is no way to measure consciousness" THAT's precisely the problem. No one can come up with a good answer, because whatever answer you come up with, you can't really prove it with enough certainty to make everyone else go "Oh, yea dang, THAT'S IT". Since that's what science and philosophy is all about, coming with answers to questions in a way that actually universally ANSWERS things.

Tj Hariharan

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[BUG] Using moto360, and suddenly the cards refuse to go into "small card mode" regardless of my setting (issue only exists with watchmaker faces) the card will be a "large card".
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Did that last one, ty
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Tj Hariharan

Request a Watch Face  - 
Can someone make a replica of one of the huawei watch faces that we see? examples below:
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+Mauricio Hobold Good start, yea. found another on xda:

Now if we can work on getting more people on this...(unfortunately I have absolutely no skills as an artist)
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Tj Hariharan

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This is how I just got ☕ delivered to me 😮
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Tj Hariharan

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Awesome as always. Though, a small correction. Prosopagnosia is an agnosia i.e. an inability to "interpret sensation". I like to think of it as "the internal facial recognition that everyone has is kind of broken", someone else I remember describing it as "kind of like being able to understand the words but not the full sentence" (in an attempt to describe what 'faces' look like). a related, (for obvoius reasons, i suspect these two often come together?) thing is called "prosopamnesia" which is what is described in the video: PURELY an inability to remember faces. The difference would be something like: If i hold up a photo of a person TO said person would i able to tell the two are the same people? A prosopamnesia suffering person WOULD be able to, even though they may be unable to make the same comparison a day later purely from memory and having only the photograph. OTOH, a prosapagnosiac, would very likely be unable to tell for sure that the two are the same person even whilst looking at the two at the same time.

TL;DR: the video contains a small correction, what was described as "prosapagnosiac" is a related condition, albeit a symptom from which prosapagnosiacs DO likely suffer (you can't remember what you can't see) the true nature of the illness is rooted in an inability to perceive faces as other humans and higher primates do.

Tj Hariharan

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The two main reasons are the same i've heard from the Blizz team (some Q&A somewhere iirc) as well: Content and PvP. Here is why at least ONE of them is UTTER NONSENSE.

Content: this is actually kinda legit. It's a more involved experience in the ground, and arguably, people tkae more time with things, enjoying things more rather than power through evreything, potentially giving blizz more time to get NEW content out before everyone gets bored. BUT...i think someone FORGOT to tell the landscape designers this. I've played wow for close to a decade without flying, I'm FINE with not flying. HERE is where it gets stupid. Mountainy region, 5 different levels where mobs CAN be at the "same location" (i..e same latitude/longitude but different altitude) AND each of those areas at different altitudes require a 30 minute detour WAY away from the original point or path you would take in a different direction so you can get to the point where you get to THAT "level" on the hill or whatever. THIS IS BLOODY ANNOYING. It was pissing off in pre-flying wow, and now it's WORSE, i seriously think some of the designers have FORGOTTEN how to design for non-flight.

PvP: This is nonsense for a simple reason, the "reason" here boils down to "you can gank or kill in world pvp without any 'consequence'". YOU CAN WITHOUT FLYING TOO. What sort of consequence exists for the 6 level 100s camping graveyards in STV constantly DAY AND NIGHT not letting ANY character play the game? How would this situation me improved without flying? the problem is not the flying its that there are no rules around world pvp that make it fair (*not saying htere needs to be, just that there are not any*). This was even a problem in pre-flight Wow, "ganking", "drive by kills" etc were as much a problem then as they were with flight, maybe flying just made it easier, but you know...if everyone around is 10 levels below you, flying or no flying THERE ARE NO CONSEQUENCES, what the hell Is the level 30 going to do to a level 100 even if he just sat there instead of flying away? At the VERY least, this situation tells me that: blizzard doesn't CARE that world pvp in pvp realms have the possibility of being "unfair" or "screwed up", that's part of what makes them fun(?), no one ever came out saying "we should fix ganking and graveyard camping", which MEANS blizz doesn't care about stuff like that, and since their "reason" for no flight is similar (pvp unfairness and how it will screw up world pvp), why are they careing all of a sudden?

The real reason, imo, comes down to "content", not quite what was mentioned here, but close to it. Flying means two things: a. blizz would have to create content wiht 'flying' in mind (for one, they would actually have to create textures for things no one would ever see whilst walking but would while flying, like the tops of buildings), quests MIGHT have to be rethought out, if a quest was supposed to be hard due to "getting there" now they'd have to rethink that. And most of all: as it is, people tend to BLAST through content flying would make that MORE so, meaning less people enjoying all that ground stuff devs took hours to make, people needing new content faster etc.

Tj Hariharan

Request a Watch Face  - 
I would like to request a analog watch, for round face, with moonphase in the middle (e.g.
There are plenty of it made (like IWC perpetual calendar) but they have all been taken down from most places...does anyone still have files for one of those "real watch rip offs" that include the moonphase in the middle?
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Tj Hariharan

General Discussion  - 
On the Oneplus One, does USB DAC work completely/without any major issues with AOSPA 5+?
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Tj Hariharan

ROMs/Kernels/Recoveries  - 
*I have a oneplusone with latest Cm12 ...*
Can someone tell me if USB (specifically DACs) is ever going to be fixed for CM12 at all? USB DAC support has remained abysmally bad since the switch to "nuplayer" back in the early days of CM12, prior to the nightlies, and now I hear news about a release soon.

Is this basically the best level of "things working" we will get since Cyanogen Inc hno longer officially supporting ONEPLUS?
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I had to stay somewhere cheap for a couple of days, and I've ordered from empire a few times so I stayed here. First the food. Most of the snack items are bland as hell, even chili chicken and Manchurian. And not cheap either. On top of that, rather than have you pay for room service at the end, you have to pay for it each time, making the situation worse is the fact that they come to your room with a bill/receipt and no card machine, the guy takes my card and says "tell me your pin number", that's so many levels of appalling. So, I have to go down to order and pay together, if I were to be sensible. Also, no room service past 11pm. (Which is really odd because I can order for delivery via empire hotel app and pay online and order past 11, somehow room service at the same hotel doesn't have that? So stupid) The room, decent, at least the plugs, light, fan etc, work and there's water in the taps, AC works well enough as well. The bathroom is clean enough, but very much Indian in amenities, foreigners be prepared for no tubs. But there are insects, and the edges of the room have that "not been cleaned properly in ten years" look. The wifi is slow as hell, internet i'd expect out of maybe the early 90s not 2016, it stopped working through the night and no one was able to figure lot why, could've just restarted the router to fix issues but no.
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Public - a month ago
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Friendly staff. Spacious rooms and close to restaurants and airport.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
Nice and friendly, but small enough that you don't have to worry about waiting in a long queue. And very accommodating dentist.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
25 reviews
Went in to do overnight parking (reserved on some online site). Then went to the bar to eat, nice bar, parking was really cheap.
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
Relatively good choice, they have a bunch of sampler plates which is nice if you want a good amount for a good price. Is not crowded at all, at least the times I've been here, which is nice. They have regular seating as well as a sushi bar and plenty of parking at back.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
really cheap, unlimited topping and the panzerotti is amazing (did i mention the unlimited toppings?)
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago