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Tiwatiwacom Search Partner of the Business
Search partner of the business, business cooperation: China, Russia, Latvia, Czech
Search partner of the business, business cooperation: China, Russia, Latvia, Czech


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Advertisement in Belarus. Indoor & outdoor adverts, marketing strategy

Advertisement in Belarus business centers, search a business partner in Belarus via the advertisement in business centers:
Group of advertisement companies Brand-Made, LCD Media, IndoorMedia offers the opportunity to advertise in the Belorussian business centers, Minsk and regional towns. Media planning, marketing strategy, marketing companies, brand marketing.
Advertisement carriers are LCD TVs with 32-inch (81 cm) and A0 posters that are placing about the lifts in Belorusian business centers and A3 posters in the lifts;
Media advertisement network covers 82 business center in Minsk and 35 business centers in the regions (Brest, Gomel, Grodno, Mogilev, and Vitebsk).
Advertisement on TV in Belarus:
• Planning and analysis of advertisement campaigns based on data from regular media research of television audience;
• Placement of our clients' advertisement on all Belarus TV channels (including regional, cable and satellite);
• Advertisement in ads blocks, sponsor advertising, tickers, etc.;
• Conducting post-buy evaluation and analysis of our clients' advertisement campaigns, including monitoring and analysis of promotional activities of competitors based on media data. Provision of samples of competitors' commercials is available;
• Preparation of regular media reviews on TV advertisement market in Belarus;
Outdoor Advertisement in Belarus:
• We are one of the largest buyers of outdoor advertisement among advertising agencies in Belarus. We have outdoor advertisement contracts with more than 60 contractors throughout Belarus;
• We place our clients' advertisements in more than 40 different formats of outdoor advertisement in over 20 Belarus' cities;
• We run constant monitoring of existing daytime and night-time outdoor advertisement in order to detect all defects of advertising media content, using the system of financial compensation for clients;
• We provide clients with a full range of services related to the production and placement of outdoor advertisement in Belarus, including the development and adaptation of advertisement materials (layouts) for outdoor advertising and more.
Outdoor advertisement in Belarus

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Amino acids: L aspartic acid (daa, aspartate) and l alanine, D alanine

L-aspartic acid (daa, aspartate)
L-aspartic acid, international non-proprietary name: Aspartic acid;
Active substance: L-aspartic acid;
Chemical formula: S4N7NO4;
Description: white crystalline powder;
Molecular weight: 133.10
CAS number: 617-45-8
EC number: 200-291-6
L-aspartic acid is for the food industry;
L-aspartic acid is for the medical industry (high purity, pyrogen-free (apyrogenic))
We are ready to send samples weighing in 200 g to your company for assess the quality of the substance

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Composite hockey sticks and wood hockey sticks from China's manufacturer

Our company offers composite hockey sticks and wood hockey sticks for every level of play. Generally, composite hockey sticks will offer a lighter, snappier feel, while traditional wood hockey sticks will deliver that solid, consistent puck feel.

The hockey sticks of wood
The lumber used to make wood shafts is first dried and cured in building-sized kilns to prevent the wood from warping after manufacture. Logs are then fed through a multi-bladed saw that cuts the wood into thin sheets. The sheets of wood and layers of fiberglass are coated with adhesive and pressed together in a heated hydraulic mold. The finished laminate is then cut into the rough shape of a stick and shipped to the stick maker.
The stick uses a saw with splayed teeth to cut the rough wood into the desired shape. Each pass on the saw cuts two corners of the shaft, so after two passes the shaft has four beveled corners and has reached its final shape.
A block of ash is glued onto the end of the stick. This will form the joint between the shaft and the blade. A groove is cut into the center of the block to accept a tongue shaped into one end of the blade. The tongue and groove are glued, fit together, and placed in a heated hydraulic press to cure for about half an hour.
The dried assembly is then shaped and smoothed on a large drum sander. The fiberglass is pulled over this assembly like a sock and is dipped in resin and allowed to dry. Once dry, the stick is again sanded to remove any rough edges.
Graphics are silk-screened on and parts of the stick may be painted, and the stick is finished with a clear gloss varnish.

The hockey sticks of aluminum
Aluminum shafts begin as flat sheets, which are folded and compressed into a long block. The advantage of this is that the walls of the final shaft will be made up of numerous extremely thin layers, each reinforcing the next and making a much stronger material than one layer.
The long block is cut into billets roughly the size of the intended stick. The billets are then fed into a machine that heats it and pushes it under enormous pressure through a hole the shape of a hollow hockey stick shaft in a process called extrusion. The extruded metal is cut off in lengths about the measurement of a stick.
These pieces are then drawn through a series of smaller and smaller dies to compress the metal and bring it to its final size.
The metal is heated to approximately 320° C. This final step is called heat treating and is designed to strengthen the metal.
Finishing an aluminum shaft is simpler finishing a wood one. Aluminum can be painted. The metal itself may also be colored or anodized. To fit the blade, one end of the shaft is left open, a peg on the heel end of the blade is coated with hot glue, and the two pieces are clamped and left to dry. A rubber plug is inserted in the other end of the shaft for grip and safety.

The hockey sticks of composite
Composite materials begin as a synthetic cloth just as fiberglass does, but most are far lighter, stiffer, and sometimes more durable than fiberglass. The primary reinforcing fiber used in composite hockey sticks is graphite.
Several layers of the composite material are wrapped around a mold in the shape of the finished shaft and then heated and pressed through one of three methods. The first method utilizes a traditional hydraulic press. The composite-wrapped mold is placed inside another split mold carrying its mirror image, the outer mold is closed, and hydraulic pressure compacts the composite material. The second method uses vacuum pressure to force the composite against the mold and take its shape. The third method uses an inflatable bladder as the inside mold. The composite-wrapped bladder is placed into the outer mold and then is inflated to force the material into shape. The molded shaft is finished and attached to the blade in the same fashion as an aluminum shaft.

Blades of the hockey sticks
Blades are placed on a pattern or jig to be cut into their final shape. They are steam-heated or boiled then clamped in a hydraulic press to curve them.
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Diesel fuel additives: CETIM, COLHIM, LUBRIM

Diesel fuel additives: CETIM, COLHIM, LUBRIM
Our additives to diesel fuel improve certain performance indicators of car engines: they reduce fuel consumption, improve lubricity, increase operating period of a car engine, increase its efficiency, reduce emissions of NO2, CO, HC, hard particles, smooth the engine stiffness and noise. We provide the additives for all types of diesel fuel, in accordance with modern requirements for engines Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5.
• Cetane improver additive CETIM: improves the diesel fuel cetane number, reduces fuel mixture ignition delays, increases combustion uniformity and completeness in the engine, smooths stiffness of the diesel engine operation and makes the engine easier to start, reduces fuel consumption for the engine by 5 – 7%.
• Dispersing depressant COLHIM: a multipurpose additive for diesel fuel, lowers the freezing temperature limit and cold filter plugging point of diesel fuel, improves diesel fuel fluidity and increases its shelf life at low temperatures (up to – 18°C)) without fuel stratification.
• Anti-wear additive LUBRIM: protects fuel equipment, injectors and high pressure fuel pumps of diesel engines from premature wear when low sulphur diesel fuel types are used.
All additives have been tested and officially registered in Russia. According to test results for all fuel additives, positive opinions of "All-Russian Research Institute for Oil Refining" (JSC "VNII NP") and the FAA "25 State Scientific Research Institute of Chemmotology of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation" are received, and a certificate of production conformity is received too.
The diesel fuel additives CETIM, COLHIM, LUBRIM have European passport REACH and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for chemical production. These additives may be imported and sold in the European Union.

The products are shipped using all types of rail transport and road transport. Minimum order is Tank Bulk, delivery and shipment terms are according to the contract, the terms of payment is advance payment.

We are looking for direct buyers and dealers..
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The laminate HDF from China: the sale, manufacture to order AC3, AC4, AC5, AC6

Minshen (China) the sale, manufacture of the laminate AC3 - AC6 to order

Laminate flooring hdf from Chinese factory are with wax and without wax; AC3, AC4, AC5, AC6; the laminate size - any laminate size; the laminate hdf thickness - 8 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm and more; the surface of laminate flooring with any kinds of design and colors is protected by overlay containing aluminum oxide. Laminate flooring is made by innovative technology, its installation and using very easy. No additional process is required after installation; laminate hdf is ready for use (no varnishing or polishing process is required). Laminate hdf is not affected by humidity or moisture as the four edges are covered by wax. Laminate hdf is non-stain and easily cleanable surface provides hygiene. Laminate hdf is resistant to UV rays. Laminate hdf is resistant to house chemicals. Laminate conforms to the E1 Norm; and it does not contain cancer-causing agent.
Door-to-door shipping is to any region and country.
We are sending the samples of hdf laminate for the assessing the quality. The advertisement support is for our business partners.

The first variant of business cooperation: the purchase of finished HDF laminate is according to our catalog and price list on the laminate floor.

The second variant of business cooperation: we are ready to make for you the laminate floor with the mixed or altered characteristics. The surface or the core of the laminate is by your demand.

The third variant of the business cooperation: you can send us the samples of hdf laminate and we will be able to call the price for manufacturing of the laminate floor and also the door-to-door shipping.
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